Fay (11 June 2017)
"Happening in Space"

I saw this today - 7th June, 2017 - on Spaceweather.com. Absolutely thrilling. It's got to denote something. It has to. There was a double solar eclipse on Jupiter on 3rd June, 2017. Io and Ganymede lanced across Jupiter's cloud tops. When you access the link, go to the archive section on the top right hand of the page and turn the date back to 7th June 2017. You will then see this story. I have included links to the names Io and Ganymede - Greek mythology. Very eerie. Ganymede was a Trojan boy who was so beautiful that Zeus carried him away to serve as cup bearer to the gods and Ganymede became immortal. Io's story is just as compelling.  All mythology, I know but the names and history are thought provoking.. Please do access the links. PLUS - there's a full moon on Friday June 9th. According to folklore it has a special name: the " Strawberry Moon ". It gets it's name from June bearing strawberry plants which have a short (three week) harvest season which begins about now (7th June).

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