Fay (11 June 2017)
"Fascinating Insight"

A deep study. Profound. Stay with it, Doves, because it takes a few minutes for one to realise what he is getting at. The conclusion is revealing. It puts the horror in the Middle East into perspective. Whoever is "over" Judah (meaning ruling over them - issuing orders) are Western powers. The religious agenda is pushed by the Pope. This is a globalist agenda. The globalists are determined to unite the 3 great religions under the hammer of the Vatican and turn Jerusalem into a global city. Steven quotes and translates from Isaiah and it is utterly fascinating. The "elder" (the ultimate power) is the head and the false prophet is the tail. Steven points out that only animals have tails Dragons?. According to Bible language, it's obvious we are dealing with a beast here. One unified beast.

Our LORD has always exhorted Israel not to submit to anyone else's orders but His own. To trust Him. Believe in Him. The resulting mess in the world is because none of our leaders have followed this Bible truth.

Prophetic Alert: Middle East About to go Up in Flames