Fay (11 June 2017)
"Shenanigans on Steroids"


On both sides of the pond, it seems !! Hahaha. Panic abounds amongst the elite. I have to say - if anything, it seems far more entertaining than the Obama years. It's wonderful to watch their whole game plan falling to pieces. LOVE it. Thank you, Almighty God, for a much needed belly laugh.

Here in the UK,the general feeling is one of relief (for me anyway). No more centralised power given to the Tories (Conservatives). I say that because they are all about austerity - cutting funds to our beloved NHS (National Health Service) which used to be the BEST and to our police force, education etc.. Our NHS is still on the cutting edge of medicine and science but.......... give the Tories a few years and they would have reduced it to a pathetic bush clinic. Labour, on the other hand, are all about bolstering the NHS but are very pro EU. The way the election has panned out - they will inhibit one another's rash decisions. I can actually see some good compromises - among much noise and clamour. Noise and clamour, we can ignore. As for the USA - forgive me if I add my penny's worth here. President Trump has come out smelling of roses (so far - I am writing this on June 9th) Comey and the Dem crowd must be chewing off their arms.

Jesus is coming soon. He must be. The tables are turning. The only thing we need to watch, like hawks, is Israel. The Middle East.

Chins up. Backbones straight. Joy in abundance. Prayers in double abundance. For the peace of Jerusalem.

In Jesus' beloved Name.