Fay (11 June 2017)
"New Prophetic Discourse"

Gary Stearman with Bill Salus re the False Covenant. VERY interesting. I have been saying this for YONKS. The first 6 seals of Revelation have been broken. Full stop. The Pale Horse of Revelation is actually pale green (chlorus in the Greek.) His name is Death and hell follows closely behind. We were shown this horse riding out, in February 2011, in Tahrir Square, Egypt - at the very beginning of the so-called Arab Spring. I disagree with some of Bill Salus' assumptions but he has rightly pointed to Islam as being this pale horse (at last !!!) and nailing Islam down as the false harlot religion. Bill points to Ezekiel 37, 38 to confirm this fact. All the nations in Ezekiel's prophecy are Muslim nations. End of argument.

Let's take a look at who enables this death and hell horse. Who makes excuses for them? Who has been USING them to create chaos in the Middle East? Whose media liars continue to proclaim them as a "religion of peace"? The Western powers, of course. Also - who are the powers that manipulate the players in the Middle East? The USA is the prime mover and shaker. The one that Israel relies on. The one that Saudi Arabia, Egypt et al rely on. Any false covenant will HAVE to come from someone who both parties look to and rely on. Israel thinks they are making themselves safe by signing this covenant with death and hades so that the "overwhelming scourge" does not come upon them. This tells us that the "overwhelming scourge" is already happening but that Israel hopes to escape it by signing this covenant with them. If ISIS cannot be called an "overwhelming scourge" I don't know what else can. The fact that ISIS are a bunch of mercenaries - whoring themselves out to the highest bidder, is neither here nor there. It is the power behind them that we need to look to. The power of Gog and Magog. The young prophet God sent to us - Nathan - identified Gog. Nathan also emphasized the nearness of this overwhelming scourge. Encompassing not just ISIS but the whole UN. The overwhelming scourge involves 70 nations at it's peak. I admit to being confused about the "confirming of the covenant for one 7" and then being reneged on in the middle of the 7. I simply cannot see a 7 year trib being squashed into the whole shebang. After the 6 seals have been broken (which Bill Salus agrees that have been broken now) we come to the day of God's wrath. The souls under the altar crying out - the huge earthquake which has everyone hiding in caves, terrified  And, in Revelation 7:9 a huge crowd of people from all nations and tongues appear in Heaven. Hallelujah. All the timelines in Revelation, from then on, are 3.5 years. 1,260 days. Not 7 years.

In January 2011, we had the gigantic orb descending on the Temple Mount. February 2011 saw the Arab Spring and the green horse riding out. February 2011 also saw the huge Christchurch earthquake. March 2011 witnessed the horrific Japan earthquake and tsunami. March 2011 also saw the passing of JR Church. This all took place 6 years ago ! 

On the blood moon in 2015, Almighty God had his chosen prophet, Nathan, visit Heaven. 20 months ago.

Bill Salus: The False Covenant