Douglas Henney (4 June 2017)
"Pentecost season"

My longing is that Jesus will come for us as the seven week Pentecost count comes to a close this evening/ tonight.

But it might not happen then.

I personally have two "near future" high watch times that I am also holding to.

One is on or around June 12th.

The second is July 23rd.

Traditionally, Jewish folks hold to the idea that God came down to Mount Sinai on about the sixth day of the third month after Israel arrived on the third day of that month.  I personally do not think this is valid.  Per Exodus 19:1, as I consider the wording, Israel arrived at Mount Sinai the same day they left Egypt, not the same day (the 3rd) of the month as Sivan is the third month. Other Bible translations into English support this.

From my understanding, they left the land of Egypt (do not think in terms of modern day maps) on the 16th of Nisan.  That would have the third day that God came down to Sinai to be the 18th day of the 3rd month, or on or around our June 12th this year.  This is when there was a loud, long trumpet blast as God came down and called Moses up, and is a strong type for a time for the rapture.

Moses went up and down initially, but around the 19th day he went up for 40 days.

When he came down 40 days later, due to the rebellion, some from the tribe of Levi submitted to Moses, and 3000 of the rebellious were killed.  This would be on July 23rd this year from my calculations.

Now, think in terms of Pentecost described in the first part of Acts.  How many were initially added to the church?  3000.  The very same number as originally killed in Exodus.  Under the new covenant, life is the result, not death.

I believe, from my own studies and readings that Pentecost is to be calculated by performing the 50 day count after the seven week count, not simultaneously.  The above, with respect to the 3000 validates this timing to me.  40 days from the 19th day of the third months lands on the same day as Pentecost calculated by adding 50 days to the seven weeks.

This is not the only reason that I believe that Pentecost fully comes July 23 this year.

When the 120 were annointed with the Holy Spirit in Acts, and spoke in many different languages, mockers accused them of being drunk with new wine.  Grapes would not have been ripe to make this new wine per the traditional determination of Pentecost.  They would have been ripe per the adding of a 50 day count after a seven week count.

Another clue is when Joshua came into the promised land Nisan 10.  God had instructed Israel that at the feast of Pentecost, they were to wave loaves made of grain from their own labors.  In other words, it had to be grain they had planted.  Such grain planted by Joshua and Israel that first year in the promised land would not had time to develop and ripen per the traditional timing of Pentecost.

Now, having said all of that, I had seriously considered that the end of the 7 week count, being used as the first segment in the determination of Pentecost, was significant in and of itself and is/was a high watch time. It is a counting marker. Why? Well, this year we end the 70th set of Pentecost's initial portion of counting seven weeks (think Daniel's 70 "sevens" prophecy) this very weekend, since the UN declaration for Israel in 1947.  God could have removed the body of Christ at this time and shifted to Israel.

However, if the rapture does not happen this weekend, I am wondering if near future events might unfold this way:

Something major might happen this weekend which will cause 10 days of a kind of tribulation (thinking in terms of one of the letters to the 7 churches in Revelation).  This will be God's wake up call to the nations before the rapture.

Alternatively, like Moses, on the 16th day of the third month (next Saturday?) we might get some kind of three day heads up before Jesus comes "down" at the rapture.

God's pattern is to provide last minute wake up calls.  We might experience the same on a world wide scale before the rapture.  This is speculation on my part.

The rescue event could happen around June 12th.  This would then begin a 40 day (significant number) window for the scattered 144,000 to leave the nations, including getting out of Babylon (the USA due to major judgment?), and head to Israel to eventually meet the two witnesses at the true timing of Pentecost on July 23rd, in order to be sealed at the same time the Holy Spirit annointed the 120 in Acts, thus fulfilling that "type".

Please understand, my heart is that we are taken home this Saturday evening.  But if not, I think we are still very close.

Some of you may not have been exposed prior to what I just presented.  Prayerfully consider it.  For a better lay out of details, Google the following article "The Scriptural Count to Feast of Weeks When Pentecost Really is Fully Come." by Troy Miller.  Troy is/has been part of the Creator's Calendar website (I do not embrace all that he presents on that site.)  However in regard to determining Pentecost, I think he nails it.  He does a much better job of laying out the scriptural clues that Pentecost fully comes when 50 days are added to the seven weeks. 

I think we do not comprehend how much of our current understanding of determining Pentecost timing has been influenced by the traditions of men.

If anything, just keep watching.  I think we are close.  And besides, Jesus is worthy of our watching.


Douglas Henney