Douglas Henney (18 June 2017)
"While looking for Jesus"

Watching for Jesus has been a hard thing to do over the years.  I think of the truth:

"What do we have (a watcher's heart, for example) that we have not received (in total grace)?  And if we have received it, how can we boast that we have not received it?"

How have I kept watching?  God did it.  Total miracle.  Pure grace.  If you knew all of my secrets, you would know it is not because of any righteousness I have accomplished.

While waiting, especially recently, God, in His pure-love jealousy, has not let up on keeping my very ADD heart and mind pointed back to this one main reality:

"Those who are the Lord's are one spirit with Him"

In grace, God brought us into intimate union with the total Godhead because of what They pulled off in what Jesus accomplished.  In other words, we have been brought into the group hug of God, so to speak.

So, Jesus is inside me right now, looking through my eyes while experiencing me hen-peck this email on my Samsung Tab 4 while using the Wi-Fi of a bookstore.

He is total love, peace, joy, righteousness, contentment, purity, and total trust in Their plan for my future.  He is threatened by nothing, is not rattled by other people's manipulations.  He is not stressed by our "house of cards" economy.

And because we are one in spirit, all of who He is fills and completely floods my spirit, my core inner man.  I have been given all that He is.

This reality is truer than my up and down emotions, my spastic surface thinking, my aging mortal body.

He is the Truth.  He is our Truth.  He is the ultimate Reality.

If I grab the lie that I am a seperate, by myself, entity, with God only on "the side", then I cannot but flesh-trip and act self-centeredly trying to get my deep needs met as if they are not already met fully in Him.

To help my mind grasp this, God gave me the illustration of a cup of coffee with cream.  If someone asked me what I was drinking, I could honestly say "coffee" and would be correct because it is the coffee that is dominant.

However, if they challenged me and told me that I was not correct, but that I was drinking two things, coffee and cream, I would respond and say, "Fine, so why don't you go ahead and seperate them for me."

The thing is, the two are one, but still two.  They are so amalgamated into a union that you cannot see where one ends and the other begins.  We simply enjoy drinking of the union of coffee and cream.

So it is with us in union with Jesus.  This is the truth to simply rest in as little children.

It is to bring us into union with Jesus that He came and died so that we stand in complete forgiveness, righteousness, acceptance as the Beloved of God.

God is jealous that you rest in this, for it is why He created and saved us, to know the love intimacy within the Godhead.

So, as we wait for Jesus, I want to rest in my union with Him now.  I cannot handle life living the lie that Him and I are seperate.  I cannot even handle waiting for His return without Him.