Douglas Henney (18 June 2017)
"Watching during this season"

I shared prior how I believed Israel arrived at Mount Sinai on the 16th day of the third month per Exodus 19:1, and not on the 3rd day of Sivan as Sivan is the 3rd month. This timing clue is the basis of an insight I recently came across, but before I touch on that, I want to provide another source that echoes this 16th day of the 3rd month timing.

According to the Book of the Jubilees (I know that this is not part of the Bible canon), in chapter 1 verse 1, it also expresses that Israel arrived on the 16th day of the 3rd month.

Also, in its chapter 44, it talks about the patriarch Israel/Jacob who was about to leave the promised land to be with his son Joseph in Egypt because of the severe famine.  Jacob is torn about leaving and God reassures him of His commitment.  Jacob then leaves the land of promise.  Guess what day that is?

The 16th day of the 3rd month!  What God did, in His faithfulness to Jacob, is that He brings the children of Israel before Him at Mount Sinai on the very same day that the patriarch originally left!  Only God could do that.

Bringing this understanding to Exodus 19 and the following chapters, I observe a timing clue on when Jesus might come for us, though I do not know the precise day due to calendar discrepancies.

God ended up coming down to Mount Sinai and calling Moses up in front of the gathered people during a loud trumpet blast on the 18th day of the third month.  Prior I had thought of this as a strong type for us but it did not unfold that way.

Then, I observed that Moses went up and down a couple times before he finally went up, for his 40 stay, on the 19th day of the third month.

He was then made to wait in the cloud until God called him to the very midst of the cloud.  I had thought Moses had to wait six days in the cloud and then God called to him on the seventh, but this is not correct.  The scriptures actually describe the cloud itself being on the mount for 6 days and being lifted on the seventh.  The cloud started being present the morning of the 18th day and so 7 days later, counting inclusively, it was lifted on the 24th day of the third month.  This is when Moses is called to stand before God face to face, on the same day the cloud is lifted.

To me that sounds similar to Jesus' ascension.

When is the 24th day of the 3rd month this year?

If the 15th day of the month is when there is a full moon in Israel (a rough estimate I use month by month) then the 24th day happens this weekend.  However, this would have the month starting on the dark, concealed moon.

Instead, if the month actually started at the sighting of the new moon in Israel on the 27th of May, then the 24th day ends up being about Monday/Tuesday.

FYI, both of these possibilities still take place just as summer is "nigh".

I do not know for sure if the above is a true timing clue, brought to me by the Holy Spirit.  I am just putting my thoughts on the table, so to speak.  Perhaps God will affirm this to you, or not, from another angle.

In my spirit it seems I am being so very pressed with a sense that "Jesus' coming is so very close".