David W (4 June 2017)
"You Bet Your Life"


Most people on planet earth are betting with their life that there is no God. Or they are betting with their life on anything but God; sun, moon, cows, monkeys, rats, all sort of things or persons called God and all sort of ways that pertain to the after life.

70 years (plus or minus) against ETERNITY; what a bet. People so smart and wise that they would rather bet on themselves knowing truth rather than the Bible or God.

Satan the grand deceiver wins the bet with most people, while they will die and go to hell.

My guess is only about 8 per cent of all people ever born will make heaven. Think about all the other religions, chasing whatever and yet losing the bet and missing heaven.

So sad, but ever real. God provided the Bible as a handbook on life. How to live and gave the plan of salvation fully paid for at the cross by Himself. And yet they  choose anything but God. They are most willing to make the bet of their life with their very life.