David W (4 June 2017)
"Great Mystery of God"


Simply stated, a great mystery of God is this:
Living in a human body on planet Earth is nothing but a TEST. The test being did you find God/Jesus and did you do what He said to do.

Imagine a large beach ball laying next to a glass marble. For most people on planet Earth, the beach ball represents what is supreme in their life.   For most that means them-self, wife or husband, children, grand-children, house, job, money, fame, or power of authority to rule others. The marble for these people would represent God and the things of God.

In truth this should be reversed.
The large beach ball should represent our attending to God and our path to eternity. To know God means reading and studying the Bible cover to cover all of our lives while on planet Earth. While reading the Bible, we should try to understand what it says. The Bible was written by Hebrews to Hebrews. It was written in Hebrew language, even the New Testament. That means the Hebrew had to be translated into English. The New Testament went from Hebrew to Greek to English.
Through out the Bible  there are many Jewish idioms. Little phrases that are commonly known to Jewish people but not by us. An example is the phrase “no man knows the day or hour”. For us it means what it says, but to a Jewish person it would mean the Feast of Trumpets. This phrase is one of that names for this feast. The Feast of Trumpets is declared when 2 faithful wittiness have sited the new moon and have reported it to the Sanhedrin. The Sanhedrin would question and make sure of the new moon; if they were satisfied with the witnesses, then they would declare the Feast of Trumpets with the blowing of the trumpets through out the land. No man knew on which day or hour that would be.   Understanding the Bible takes a lot of studying. Also we must understand that Bible commentaries are just what someone thinks a verse might mean. Understanding what God/Jesus wants us to do is the real focus of our studying the Bible.

Knowing God/Jesus and doing what He said to do is absolutely supreme. We can not do this by listening to a preacher or teacher only. The Bible is big and full of great treasures for us. You can listen to a preacher all your life and not know what most of the books of the Bible are really about and what it says.

Finding God/Jesus and doing what He said to do is what life is all about. If a preacher or teacher tells  you to do something, check what he/she said and check it out in the Bible. When it comes to doing something, I would trust God/Jesus/the Bible not men.

For us, the marble should represent  everything else in our lives.