David W (11 June 2017)
"The Great sign in heaven is......a SIGN."

The Great Sign in Heaven is a ........SIGN

Yep, that is what the Bible says! Meaning that on that day you will see the sign and maybe nothing else. The event connected with the sign might be on the day of the sign and then again, might not.

We have seen 3 years with 2 blood moons each year and yet no event connected with them yet. Many books were written about the 4 moon tetrad and yet we are still waiting to see what they might be about.

So, it is very possible that when the fall feasts are over and we are facing winter we will still be waiting as we have the years before.

Now having said that, I personally believe (hoping a whole lot, with hope and belief mixing up a bit) that the Rapture of the Bride will be this Feast of Trumpets at the very end of feast when the last trumpet of a series of 100 trumpets blasts is sounded to end the Feast. No one knows when the priest will sound that last blast of the trumpet. A few days after the Feast of Trumpet comes the Great Sign in Heaven which could start the Tribulation.

We sit together as on a great grandstand of life looking and waiting.