David Daughtrey (18 June 2017)

 Greetings Brother John Tng and Brother and Sisters in Jesus name: We all know what Jesus said to his followers

no man knows the day or hour of his return for us. We now know he was speaking of an ordinary man or common

worldly man. This is why, Amos 3:7 Surely the Lord God will do nothing before revealing his plans with his prophets.

 For 21 years I've revisited the fifteen visions over and over every week trying to find some little thing I over looked

that would reveal what I had missed. I knew the number 21 which was shown in the actual vision had a real import-

ant meaning, Also brother John Tng  daughter was shown a number 21 in a vision. Then on top of that a Christian

sister named Valerie also had a number 21 vision.

 Now to get on with the confirmation. This past Dec. 2016 on a Sunday  I went before the Lord trying to  understand

this long waiting time. I said Lord your people are growing weary ,the world has gone mad and crazy, Your people

are crying out for you to come more than ever. Then maybe an hour went by and I seen a news report. August 21

2017  a great Solar Eclipse over North America from Washington across too Georgia then again in seven years later.

 Then it hit me on the head, wait a minute here I've seen a solar eclipse some where . Bingo The Lion Of The Tribe

of Juda Vision. It was two visions before the Rapture Vision. Then I realized those visions were picture puzzle visions

each where put together to form a understanding of the coming event. When the lion vision came I didn't know

two nights later the Rapture Vision would be shown.  So I hadn't thought of putting them together for understanding.

I didn't realize the 21 and the Solar Eclipse where the same meaning.

Here's the Vision. I had gotten home late from work , ate a quick dinner, about 11:00 pm, Jumped into the shower

as I was getting out with one foot in and one foot out, suddenly the lights went out, so I stood still ,didn't want to

fall and waited and waited it seamed fore ever, I said to my self Lord when are the lights coming back on, then a

minute or so later I begin to notice a circle of light around my outside field of vision with a black inner circle , the I

began to see my bathroom ceiling at the top and to my right my window to my left the door bottom the floor, the

 black inner circle kept shrinking smaller( now I know a solar eclipse the black circle does not shrink, it moves off to

the side, this is how the Lion was revealed) Ok when the shrinking was almost gone I started to see I was not alone

I started to see a hairy animal was in there with me , then there it was a huge Lion sitting on the floor looking eye to

eye at me , I froze , I could of touched it , it was that close, it looked peace full but I was still afraid to move I mean

it was breathing alive before me. then about ten long seconds later it vanished. I ran to my bible still wet and opened

it up first page Lion of the tribe of Juda.

So there it is ,when we see the solar eclipse which is on the 21st then we will see the Son of God and go with him.

The solar eclipse will be that morning  that night the Rapture. ( the eclipse was seen before the lion came)

 Like Brother David Wilkerson has said before .DO WITH THIS WHAT YOU WANT TOO. I have done my part. AMEN!

God Bless all of you

Unknown Servant

Brother David