James Brownlow (26 June 2016)
"Eliane B. and When is Pentecost , "fully come ? ""


Eliane  and readers :

That was a most interesting study and internet link you posted last week. The scriptures  do seem to point to August 3 / 4 as being "Pentecost fully come" this year. Could the starting date for the church will also be its ending date ?

 In addition to being a high watch, feast date , this also is  exactly to the day, Obama's SEVENTH birthday in office -- August 4th -- and because this year is a leap year , August 3 is  calendar day 216 --- 6x6x6 --- in year 2016 -- another 6x6x6.

Also, Pentecost is closely connected to fire. From your links ,
 1. Samson torches the Philistines wheat. Judges 15:1-5
 2. When Saul was crowned King, Samuel calls down fire from heaven. 1Samuel 12:17-8
 3. Cloven tongues of fire descend on those in the upper room. Acts 2:1-4

 PS. As your links were not connecting , I was able to access the  websites listed by using google.