Pastor Bob (29 June 2014)
""The Biblical Theme of The Bride -2""

All Doves:

Marriage is a picture of Christ and His Church (believer's).  That picture has been threatened by Lucifer, and when the corporate institution known as the denominational church becomes threatened by the sodomite community you know the end cannot be too far away.  That imminent "end" was even heightened more this past week in a sermon Pope Francis made on June 25th, where he said that "Salvation is to only through the Roman Catholic Church."

We know that is a lie, but most people today are spiritually dull.  This Jesuit pope has more "Twitter" fans than anyone in their right mind could fathom as being possible.

This is a "spiritual" battle as well as an earthly struggle against the physical forces of evil manifested in the judicial and societal systems.  The mainstream Protestant churches have capitulated to Satan in its greatest attack waged against it heretofore.  True believers must exit all churches that embrace, endorse, sanction, or wink at the sodomite agenda. True believers ought to run like you know what and not to return to those churches that have called God a liar!

Where do we draw the line on defining marriage?  Is it based upon how someone feels or based on how God feels?

When the courts began to overturn the definition of marriage my thoughts shifted to the horizon in this matter.  It will not be too long before the institutional church will be forced to marry sodomites and lesbians, at the risk of losing their 401(3)c tax exempt status, if they refuse. 

Twenty years ago I was faced with a previous stage of this Luciferian war on the church.  My UMC predecessor was a lesbian, she destroyed four churches, before being appointed to a denominational college position.  I was not part of an issue between her and the congregation that I was appointed to as the pastor.  She had destroyed the two churches that were involved.  I was caught in the fray as the incoming pastor, when she wanted me to deliver an apology to the congregation for the treatment rendered her by certain members of the church's leaders.  In the process, I refused to do so since I was not part of the issue that preceded my appointment.  My predecessor's superintendent was also a female UMC pastor ordained in the UMC, and she demanded that I comply with my predecessor's demands.  I refused and my superiors demanded that my ordination be rescinded, or that I take "sensitivity" language training.  To make a long story short, I refused, resigned, and left the United Methodist Church and have not gone back even when invited to speak. 

Just last week a defrocked UMC pastor was reinstated because he officiated at his son's sodomite marriage.  This is just one of several examples that proves the UMC has gone, unofficially for now, the way of the United Presbyterian Church and others.  The United Church of Christ is actually sponsoring a "gay" conference shortly.   The sodomite agenda is Lucifer or Satan's attack against God's Bride.  The Biblical metaphore for the collective body of believers in Christ Jesus is that of the Bride and the Groom.  John the Baptist knew that Jesus Christ was the Messiah and would and could explain it in John 3, that He Who has the Bride is the Bridegroom.

The deeper issue of sodomy is that it is a distortion of God's theme throughout the Scriptures.  The "great counterfeiter" attacks humanity on every level of life, through presenting another false gospel. 

Throughout the Bible, the gender of the church is always "She", not "He".  WHY?  It is because Jesus was a man.  He is the Groom to His Bride, the believing church.  Just as Adam was a man and Eve was a woman, they were a model of the first marriage in Genesis 1-2.  Thus, logically, the relationship between Jesus and believers follows.

The Biblical picture of marriage is between "ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN".  It is the language for Christ Jesus and the Church (true believers).  This was God's "Mystery" of the Church made known to us that will play out throughout eternity.

Jewish wedding imagery plays a significant role in our understanding of the New Testament.  In the following series of posts, we will go through the "word" pictures of this incredible theme that unpacks the overarching theme of the Father in the Bible.  We have a hint in the fact that Jesus' very first recorded miracle was to change water into wine at a wedding.  What an appropriate and fitting choice to illustrate the "Principle of First Mention" by performing His first recorded miracle act and by focusing on the wedding.  John 2 even records that the new wine was the best.  It was a wedding practice to give the attendees watered-down wine at the end when they were too tipsy to recognize the diluted wine.  Jesus gave the best wine possible when he transformed miraculously water into wine.

In the Bibliclal "Principle of First Mention" we have an indicator of immense importance and implication of Jesus' over all Earthly ministry.  This series on the Biblical Theme of the Bride provides a beautiful picture of Christ's plan for His Bride, and that event is revealed in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture.

Keep awake, the sound of the trumpet is not far away,

God bless,

Pastor Bob