Steve T (28 June 2013)
"Daniel Matson -   Re:; 7 years since Hezbollah-Israeli War"

Hi, Daniel, John and Doves,
Thank you for sharing Daniel. When it comes to time markers for this end times generation, 1917, 1947 and 1967 where big years for Israel. Looking forward with expectation and excitement, I have had my eye on 2017 for several years now and believe that it will prove to be a pivotal, future time marker for Israel. As this time marker is future ... we can only theorise as to what will play out. Maybe the mid point of Danielís 70th week, ... who can say? We live in amazing days spoken of by the prophets of old when they pierced the boundaries of time to foretell events in our generation. Time will reveal all.
Daniel, I always enjoy your thought provoking work.
Thank you and Blessings,
Steve T