Paul Wilson (28 June 2013)
"The Last Straw???"

Will today’s abominable ruling from SCOTUS be the last straw for God?? Will he finally destroy this once great nation??? America is defying God and flipping him off at every turn And is begging for his judgment. So when Lord when????? America is satan’s land now has been for several years please punish it harshly. She deserves NO mercy! What is left can be brought back to you must the evil must be purged by you first. If sodom and gomorrah warranted destruction for their sins how much more this evil country we used to call america?? If gay marriage was the straw that broke the camel’s back requiring the flood and the wiping out of almost all of humanity certainly it is worth the destruction of a once christian nation. A nation blessed like none other except Israel. A nation where just speaking from your word is considered hate. Even saying your Son’s name is considered hateful. They call this progress and themselves progressive. They say they know better than you. They say that these abominations are rights and that you should respect them. They call evil good and good evil. They want the fires of hell. PLEASE give it to them!!
Lord show those who mock you, who hate you, who flout your laws, who persecute your people, who destroy what you ordained that you are sovereign that you are God. The nation is asking for your judgment will you give it??? Those who do and promote these abominations ask “were is the judgment we were warned would come??” Please show them!!
Forgive the Christians among us who are actually cheering the perpetrators of the abomination on and refuse to try to stop them hoping to quicken your return by rolling over and letting satan have his way. Show them their error Lord. Tell them you are not pleased with them.