Paul H (28 June 2013)
"Are They Preparing Us For War?"

Dear John and Doves,
This may sound a little conspiratorial. But I find the tensions between America and Russia are being orchestrated to some degree. By slowly polarising Russian, American and Chinese differences it won't be a surprise to people when or if war breaks out, people will be programmed to except it. Wars rarely happen overnight. But usually build up over a length of time, along with the right amount of subtle public persuasion like we saw before the Iraq war.
Here are just some of the tension builders (polarisations)

1) Russia backing Assad and upping the stakes saying they will now deliver not S300 but the latest S400 Missiles, America backing the rebels.
2) Obama and Putin at the G8 disagreeing over the issue.
3) Then strangely enough the $15,000 ring Putin claims was a gift, the other party claiming he took it without permission.
4) The Russian Parliament more or less voting against the homosexual agenda in their country. While just around the same time Obama promotes  homosexuals agenda even more in America.  
5) The Snowden case. China and Russia seen as not willing to extradite him back to the States.

Paul H