Patty RP (28 June 2013)
"$1.5 Billion in Taxpayer Subsidies to Youth for Transportation to 'Job'"


Dear Doves,

Gotta love this one.  You've heard of the free phones, now there's free cars.

In the new U.S. Immigration bill, there is $1.5 billion in taxpayer funding for "youth", aged 16-24, for transportation so they can get to their 'created' or summer jobs.

A GOP senate aide told Breitbart News that for the country to be able to spend $1.5 billion on such a program so fast, it would need to buy, lease or rent motor vehicles for beneficiaries of the new government handout. The provision that outlines how the money can be legally used for providing “supportive services” like “transportation,” the aide said, could easily be interpreted to mean the money could be spent buying or leasing or renting vehicles for the beneficiaries.

“This appears to give states authority to buy, lease or rent motorcycles, cars and scooters or anything kids want to buy to get to and from a job,” the GOP aide said.


This largesse is going to his fan-base.  When I was a youth, I remember *walking* one hour to the job and one hour back home at the end of the day.  I did that for years.  No one gave me a car or free transport.

~Patty RP