Patty RP (20 June 2013)
"For Gerlinda re: Zionist Occult Connection"


Dear Gerlinda,

I agree with what you wrote.  I knew something mighty strange was up, many years ago, when I saw what the new Supreme Court in Jerusalem looked like:

Something is way wrong when a "Supreme Court" building has a pyramid with the all seeing eye of lucifer, on its roof.  Not to mention all of the other occult garbage throughout.  All paid for by the Rothschilds.  BTW, there are other pyramids in Israel besides the one on top of that building.

It has been postulated that Jerusalem would be the capital of the New World Order.  We know that the AC and False Prophet will be there.  Israel is going to let the Vatican in (False Prophet), have you seen Donna Danna's posts that keep up with that?  On bo's last visit to Jerusalem, he was "welcomed home". 

I always wondered why would there be a "New Jerusalem" if the *old* one was going to be around?  *If* the current one will be the nwo capital, then only Jesus returning could stop it...and bring in His New Jerusalem coming down from Heaven.

Love your posts...please keep up the good work.


Patty RP