Patti C (28 June 2013)




Dear Nando,


Thank you so very much for the support and encouragement on my study about Rev. 11 and the 70th week. I was so very honored to see you speak about it on your post on TWELVE BOOKS. I know that I am in the minority when it comes to seeing we are not in the Tribulation yet...and holding to a 7 year period for both halves. I firmly believe that we will be going in the Rapture very soon, and then the 70th week will begin. So wonderful to see that I am not alone in that view.


I do still believe that Obama is the antichrist, and after he is out of office he will take a more global position, maybe fill the empty seat in the EU Parliament # 666. But, we will not be here to see it whatever happens, maybe he will declare marshal law and suspend elections, or maybe America will lie in ruins and he will rule from's all interesting to speculate about.


Thank you again! I am a big fan of all your posts.



Patti C.




Steve T (25 June 2013)

"The Most Logical Rapture Timeline - PERIOD! [REDEUX!]"



Dear Steve,

WOW! WOW! WOW! Thank you for posting that amazing video!!! Yes, it really hit home, and so supports the feelings that the Holy Spirit has been laying on my heart....a 7 year Tribulation and we are NOT in it yet!!! I am so thrilled by how fabulously it was presented . What a great gift for all of us. It is most definitely a MUST SEE!!


Bless you big time!!


Patti C.