Michele Kennedy (28 June 2013)
"Behold Leviathan MORE!!! Feast of Trumpets Confirming our Day of Departure!!!!  The FALLING AWAY Amazing PROPHETICAL SECRET REVEALED!!!!!  "The DEAD are RAISED ARTIFICIALLY!""










































































Deut 23:8

9/4 – 9/5

Feast of Trumpets


The ‘Last Trump’


1Cor 15:52

InG1722 a moment,G823 inG1722 the twinklingG4493 of an eye,G3788 atG1722 the lastG2078 trump:G4536 forG1063 the trumpet shall sound,G4537 andG2532 the deadG3498 shall be raisedG1453 incorruptible,G862 andG2532 weG2249 shall be changed.G236


lastG2078 + trump:G4536 = 6614


6614 Verse;

Judg 4:14

And DeborahH1683 saidH559 unto Barak,H1301 UpH6965; for this [is] the dayH3117 in which the LORDH3068 hath deliveredH5414 SiseraH5516 into thine hand:H3027 is not the LORDH3068 gone outH3318 beforeH6440 thee? So BarakH1301 went downH3381 from mountH2022 Tabor,H8396 and tenH6235 thousandH505 menH376 afterH310 him.


6614 Verse from Est. 2:7;

Jer 16:9

For thus saithH559 the LORDH3068 of hosts,H6635 the GodH430 of Israel;H3478 Behold, I will cause to ceaseH7673 out of this placeH4725 in your eyes,H5869 and in your days,H3117 the voiceH6963 of mirth,H8342 and the voiceH6963 of gladness,H8057 the voiceH6963 of the bridegroom,H2860 and the voiceH6963 of the bride.H3618

 Gematria 5009



5509 Verse from END:


WhatG5101 manG444 ofG1537 you,G5216 havingG2192 an hundredG1540 sheep,G4263 ifG2532 he loseG622 oneG1520 ofG1537 them,G846 dothG2641 notG3756 leaveG2641 the ninety and nineG1768 inG1722 the wilderness,G2048 andG2532 goG4198 afterG1909 that whichG3588 is lost,G622 untilG2193 he findG2147 it?G846





Verse 5509;

The childrenH1121 that are begottenH3205 of them shall enterH935 into the congregationH6951 of the LORDH3068 in their thirdH7992 generation.H1755


3rd Generation of Esau and the Gentiles Enters into the Congregation!


Prov 25:4

Take awayH1898 the drossH5509 from the silver,H3701 and there shall come forthH3318 a vesselH3627 for the finer.H6884


Verse #:  17118   | From 1Ki 16:34:  7800   | From Est 2:7:  4386   | From Mal 4:6:  6027   | From End:  13984

  BCV:  20254   CV:  254  254 = 9/11 day of Year!

  HebGem:  904


Position #:


From 8674:


From End:



Ps 12:1

<To the chief MusicianH5329 upon Sheminith,H8067 A PsalmH4210 of David.>H1732 Help,H3467 LORD;H3068 for the godly manH2623 ceaseth;H1584 for the faithfulH539 failH6461 from among the childrenH1121 of men.H120


faithfulH539 + failH6461 = 7770

Verse #:  14068   | From 1Ki 16:34:  4750   | From Est 2:7:  1336   | From Mal 4:6:  9077   | From End:  17034

  BCV:  19121   CV:  121

  HebGem:  2717


1st STRONGS GREEK missing number!

Position #:


From 8674:


From End:


Wait!  Before we move on too far I want to look back at 904 Strongs number Associates!

Position #:


From 8674:


From End:



Gen 22:7

13394 OT Word Count!

Notice this is the Binding of Isaac Rehearsed on Rosh Ha Shannah Feast of Trumpets ONLY!


And IsaacH3327 spakeH559 unto AbrahamH85 his father,H1 and said,H559 My father:H1 and he saidH559, Here [am] I, my son.H1121 And he said,H559 Behold the fireH784 and the woodH6086: but where [is] the lambH7716 for a burnt offering?H5930


Ok, now we can move on!

Missing Strongs Numbers:

2717, 3203 – 3302

3203 – 2717 = 486 (‘AGAIN’)

1Pet 2:23

Who,G3739 when he was reviled,G3058 reviledG486 notG3756 again;G486 when he suffered,G3958 he threatenedG546 not;G3756 butG1161 committedG3860 [himself] to him that judgethG2919 righteously:G1346

8351 Gematria:

8351 Verse From END;

Word given to me after 9/11/99 Rosh HaShannah

Hab 2:2

And the LORDH3068 answeredH6030 me, and said,H559 WriteH3789 the visionH2377, and make [it] plainH874 upon tables,H3871 that he may runH7323 that readethH7121 it.


Verse #:  22751   | From 1Ki 16:34:  13433   | From Est 2:7:  10019   From Mal 4:6:  394   | From End:  8351   | From (1Pe 2:23):  7672

  BCV:  3522   CV:  22

  HebGem:  2539


911 and Tomarrow 119!





By Position:





Probably from H309 ; properly {deferred} that {is} the morrow ; usually (adverbially) tomorrow ; indefinitely hereafter: - time to {come} tomorrow.

10019 Verse:

2Kgs 17:35

With whom the LORDH3068 had madeH3772 a covenant,H1285 and chargedH6680 them, saying,H559 Ye shall not fearH3372 otherH312 gods,H430 nor bowH7812 yourselves to them, nor serveH5647 them, nor sacrificeH2076 to them:


10019 Verse from END:


Ezek 24:26

[That] he that escapethH6412 in that dayH3117 shall comeH935 unto thee, to cause [thee] to hearH2045 [it] with [thine] ears?H241


10019 Verse From Malachi 4:6;

Job 11:17

And [thine] ageH2465 shall be clearerH6965 than the noonday;H6672 thou shalt shine forth,H5774 thou shalt be as the morning.H1242


9/4/13 Feast of Trumpets



SAME HEBREW LETTERS are found in BOTH these Phrases in Hebrew!

“The First of Tishri” = תִּשְׁרֵי or תִּשְׁרִי,

  “In the Beginning”

“In the Beginning” Rashiyth = 911

Romans 9:1 = 11971 Gematria!

April 3, 0033 Jesus Day of the CROSS!

Counting that day til 9/4/13 Feast of Trumpets =

723336 Days!



בּגתנא בּגתן

bigthân bigthânâ'

{big-thawn'} big-thaw'-naw

Of similar derivation to H903 ; Bigthan or {Bigthana} a eunuch of Xerxes: - {Bigthan} Bigthana.

Esth 6:2

And it was foundH4672 written,H3789 that MordecaiH4782 had toldH5046 of BigthanaH904 and Teresh,H8657 twoH8147 of the king'sH4428 chamberlains,H5631 the keepersH8104 of the door,H5592 who soughtH1245 to layH7971 handH3027 on the kingH4428 Ahasuerus.H325


BigthanaH904 and Teresh,H8657 = 9561


VAT'ICAN, n. In Rome, the celebrated church of St. Peter; and also, a magnificent palace of the pope; situated at the foot of one of the seven hills on which Rome was built. Hence the phrase, the thunders of the Vatican, meaning the anathemas or denunciations of the pope.

Rapture Study Reveals a Feast of Trumpets Change of our Bodies taking Place!






1. The office and dignity of the pope or bishop of Rome; popedom.

2. Papal authority.


    Word #:   


    Vol 2 Word #:   







From H5503 ; profit (from trade): - merchandise.






Of uncertain derivation; yesterday ; by extension in time past or hitherto: - yesterday.


By Position:





From a compound of G1 (as a negative particle) and G2372 ; to be {spiritless} that {is} disheartened: - be dismayed.



Col 3:21

Fathers,G3962 provokeG2042 notG3361 yourG5216 childrenG5043 [to anger], G2443lestG3361 they be discouraged.G120

Verse #:  29539   | From 1Ki 16:34:  20221   | From Est 2:7:  16807   | From Mal 4:6:  6394   | From End:  1563

  BCV:  51321   NTCV:  12321   CV:  321

  TR2Gem:  4851


1st Strongs 4851 Scripture;    RIGHT EYE

Matt 5:29

AndG1161 ifG1487 thyG4675 rightG1188 eyeG3788 offendG4624 thee,G4571 pluckG1807 itG846 out,G1807 andG2532 castG906 [it] fromG575 thee:G4675 forG1063 it is profitableG4851 for theeG4671 thatG2443 oneG1520 ofG3196 thyG4675 membersG3196 should perish,G622 andG2532 notG3361 [that] thyG4675 wholeG3650 bodyG4983 should be castG906 intoG1519 hell.G1067


Verse #:  23264   | From 1Ki 16:34:  13946   | From Est 2:7:  10532   | From Mal 4:6:  119   | From End:  7838   | From (Col 3:21):  6275

  BCV:  40529   NTCV:  1529   CV:  529

  TR2Gem:  12293






To show blood (in the {face}) that {is} flush or turn rosy: - be ({dyed} made) red (ruddy).

4851 2nd Scripture Reference;  RIGHT HAND

Matt 5:30

AndG2532 ifG1487 thyG4675 rightG1188 handG5495 offendG4624 thee,G4571 cutG1581 itG846 off,G1581 andG2532 castG906 [it] fromG575 thee:G4675 forG1063 it is profitableG4851 for theeG4671 thatG2443 oneG1520 ofG3196 thyG4675 membersG3196 should perish,G622 andG2532 notG3361 [that] thyG4675 wholeG3650 bodyG4983 should be castG906 intoG1519 hell.G1067


Verse #:  23265   | From 1Ki 16:34:  13947   | From Est 2:7:  10533   | From Mal 4:6:  120   | From End:  7837   | From (Col 3:21):  6274

  BCV:  40530   NTCV:  1530   CV:  530

  TR2Gem:  12477






From H119 ; {ruddy} that {is} a human being (an individual or the {species} { mankind } etc.): - X {another} + {hypocrite} + common {sort} X {low} man ({mean} of low {degree}) person.

1st Ref. to H120:

MAN was CREATED on the 6th Day of Creation by God Almighty Himself!

Gen 1:26

And GodH430 said,H559 Let us makeH6213 manH120 in our image,H6754 after our likeness:H1823 and let them have dominionH7287 over the fishH1710 of the sea,H3220 and over the fowlH5775 of the air,H8064 and over the cattle,H929 and over all the earth,H776 and over every creeping thingH7431 that creepethH7430 upon the earth.H776

From Wikipedia:  Tishri 1

On Tishrei 1, which corresponds to the sixth day of creation -- "God said: 'Let us make Man in Our image, after Our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth...'" (Genesis 1:26).


2nd Reference to Man 120;  

Male & Female He Created Them!


Gen 1:27

So GodH430 createdH1254 manH120 in his [own] image,H6754 in the imageH6754 of GodH430 createdH1254 he him; maleH2145 and femaleH5347 createdH1254 he them.


3rd Reference to Man 120:

Gen 2:5

And every plantH7880 of the fieldH7704 beforeH2962 it was in the earth,H776 and every herbH6212 of the fieldH7704 beforeH2962 it grew:H6779 forH3588 the LORDH3068 GodH430 had notH3808 caused it to rainH4305 upon the earthH776, and [there was] notH369 a manH120 to tillH5647 the ground.H127


From Matthew 5:30 counting back to Gen. 2:5  is verses  23229;


    Word #:   


    Vol 2 Word #:   



23229 Verse:   ‘FISHER OF MEN’ H120

Matt 4:19

AndG2532 he saithG3004 unto them,G846 FollowG1205 G3694me,G3450 andG2532 I will makeG4160 youG5209 fishersG231 of men.G444


Clue as to WHO the Prophecy is speaking about!


23229 Verse From END;

1Sam 25:11

Shall I then takeH3947 my bread,H3899 and my water,H4325 and my fleshH2878 that I have killedH2873 for my shearers,H1494 and giveH5414 [it] unto men,H582 whom I knowH3045 not whence they [be]?

5809 Gematria


Previous Verse tells us more about this!


1Sam 25:10

And NabalH5037 answeredH6030 David'sH1732 servants,H5650 and saidH559, Who [is] DavidH1732? and who [is] the sonH1121 of Jesse?H3448 there be manyH7231 servantsH5650 now a daysH3117 that break awayH6555 every manH376 fromH6440 his master.H113


Gematria of I Sam 25:9 is 5809


עזּר עזּוּר

‛azzűr ‛azzűr

{az-zoor'} az-zoor'

From H5826 ; helpful ;
{Azzur} the name of three Israelites: - {Azur} Azzur.

5808 is a RAPTURE number!  The GATE of Heaven  is OPEN!!!

Ps 24:8

Who [is] this KingH4428 of glory?H3519 The LORDH3068 strongH5808 and mighty,H1368 the LORDH3068 mightyH1368 in battle.H4421


1 Samuel 25:10 Next Scripture has 1551 Gematria!

1Sam 25:12

So David'sH1732 young menH5288 turnedH2015 their way,H1870 and went again,H7725 and cameH935 and toldH5046 him all those sayings.H1697

Gematria 1551;  I know of one NT scripture with this same number!

1Cor 15:51

Behold,G2400 I shewG3004 youG5213 a mystery;G3466 We shallG2837 G3303notG3756 allG3956 sleep,G2837 butG1161 we shallG236 allG3956 be changed,G236

This is verse Number 28770

28770 OT Word Count: Joseph’s Leaves His garment and FLED OUT! (‘out’ = SEVER)

Gen 39:18

And it came to pass, as I lifted upH7311 my voiceH6963 and cried,H7121 that he leftH5800 his garmentH899 with me,H681 and fledH5127 out.H2351


So is this verse Counting from END;  The True Levitical Priest AARON’s FOREHEAD

Exod 28:38

And it shall be upon Aaron'sH175 forehead,H4696 that AaronH175 may bearH5375 the iniquityH5771 of the holy things,H6944 which the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478 shall hallowH6942 in all their holyH6944 gifts;H4979 and it shall be alwaysH8548 upon his forehead,H4696 that they may be acceptedH7522 beforeH6440 the LORD.H3068


Last mention of FOREHEAD;

Rev 17:5

AndG2532 uponG1909 herG846 foreheadG3359 [was] a nameG3686 written,G1125 MYSTERY,G3466 BABYLONG897 THE GREAT,G3173 THE MOTHERG3384 OF HARLOTSG4204 ANDG2532 ABOMINATIONSG946 OF THE EARTH.G3588 G1093


Verse #:  30981   | From 1Ki 16:34:  21663   | From Est 2:7:  18249   | From Mal 4:6:  7836   | From End:  121

  BCV:  66175   NTCV:  27175   CV:  175

  TR2Gem:  12205





The same as H120 ; {Adam} the name of the first {man} also of a place in Palestine: - Adam.

121 - 1st Mention:  DEEP SLEEP upon Adam

Gen 2:21

And the LORDH3068 GodH430 causedH5307 a deep sleepH8639 to fallH5307 upon Adam,H121 and he slept:H3462 and he tookH3947 oneH259 of his ribs,H6763 and closed upH5462 the fleshH1320 instead thereof;


Verse #:  52   | From 1Ki 16:34:  9266   | From Est 2:7:  12680   | From Mal 4:6:  23093   | From End:  31050   From (Rev 17:5):  30929

  BCV:  1221   CV:  221

  HebGem:  4236



Verse 30929;

Rev 14:2

AndG2532 I heardG191 a voiceG5456 fromG1537 heaven,G3772 asG5613 the voiceG5456 of manyG4183 waters,G5204 andG2532 asG5613 the voiceG5456 of a greatG3173 thunder:G1027 andG2532 I heardG191 the voiceG5456 of harpersG2790 harpingG2789 withG1722 theirG846 harps:G2788

Harpers + Harping + Harps = 8367





A primitive root; to subside: - be {calm} {cease} be quiet.

By Position:





(Chaldee); feminine from a root corresponding to H5927 ; a pretext (as arising artificially): - occasion.

This is what they have done to the POPE JOHN PAUL!

They are keeping in a SLEEPY STATE and will ARISE ARTIFICIALLY!!!!


Last position Numbe 307


Ezra 6:2

And there was foundH7912 at Achmetha,H307 in the palaceH1001 that [is] in the provinceH4083 of the Medes,H4076 aH2298 roll,H4040 and thereinH1459 [was] a recordH1799 thusH3652 written:H3790







(Chaldee); corresponding to H4039 : - roll.

Two Last mentions of 4039;

Zech 5:1

Then I turned,H7725 and lifted upH5375 mine eyes,H5869 and looked,H7200 and behold a flyingH5774 roll.H4039


Zech 5:2

And he saidH559 unto me, What seestH7200 thou? And I answered,H559 I seeH7200 a flyingH5774 roll;H4039 the lengthH753 thereof [is] twentyH6242 cubits,H520 and the breadthH7341 thereof tenH6235 cubits.H520


flyingH5774 + roll.H4039 = 9813


The ROLL reference before these two is this one;

Ezek 3:3

And he saidH559 unto me, SonH1121 of man,H120 cause thy bellyH990 to eat,H398 and fillH4390 thy bowelsH4578 with this rollH4039 that I giveH5414 thee. Then did I eatH398 [it]; and it was in my mouthH6310 as honeyH1706 for sweetness.H4966


Man is to EAT This is  SWEET ROLL!

Gematria of this verse 5041


5504 = “Papal” Webster Dictionary!






Apparently from H5036 and H3909 ; foolish secrecy ;
{Neballat} a place in Palestine: - Neballat.


5041 Only found HERE: “BEHOLD, LEVIATHAN!”


22501 (number given to me after seeing numbers and hearing, Behold Leviathan!)

Neh 11:34

Hadid,H2307 Zeboim,H6650 Neballat,H5041

I SEE IT!!!!

22501 REVERSED!!!!

Verse #:  12623   | From 1Ki 16:34:  3305   | From Est 2:7:  109   | From Mal 4:6:  10522   From End:  18479

  BCV:  161134   CV:  1134

  HebGem:  329

Factors: 10522 = 2 x ( 5261 )





(Chaldee); corresponding to H5262 ; a libation: - drink offering.

5261 Verse!

Deut 12:20

When the LORDH3068 thy GodH430 shall enlargeH7337 thy border,H1366 as he hath promisedH1696 thee, and thou shalt say,H559 I will eatH398 flesh,H1320 because thy soulH5315 longethH183 to eatH398 flesh;H1320 thou mayest eatH398 flesh,H1320 whatsoever thy soulH5315 lusteth after.H185

 5261 from 1 kings 16:34;


Num 11:32

And the peopleH5971 stood upH6965 all that dayH3117, and all [that] night,H3915 and all the nextH4283 day,H3117 and they gatheredH622 the quails:H7958 he that gathered leastH4591 gatheredH622 tenH6235 homers:H2563 and they spreadH7849 [them] all abroadH7849 for themselves round aboutH5439 the camp.H4264


Next Verse!

Num 11:33

And while the fleshH1320 [was] yetH2962 between their teeth,H8127 ere it was chewed,H3772 the wrathH639 of the LORDH3068 was kindledH2734 against the people,H5971 and the LORDH3068 smoteH5221 the peopleH5971 with a veryH3966 greatH7227 plague.H4347


NT Chapter & Verse Number 5261;


Acts 26:1

ThenG1161 AgrippaG67 saidG5346 untoG4314 Paul,G3972 ThouG4671 art permittedG2010 to speakG3004 forG5228 thyself.G4572 ThenG5119 PaulG3972 stretched forthG1614 the hand,G5495 and answered for himself:G626

Gematrai of this verse 9503

9503 Verse!  A LYING SPIRIT in his MOUTH!

1Kgs 22:22

And the LORDH3068 saidH559 unto him, Wherewith? And he said,H559 I will go forth,H3318 and I will be a lyingH8267 spiritH7307 in the mouthH6310 of all his prophets.H5030 And he said,H559 Thou shalt persuadeH6601 [him], and prevailH3201 also: go forth,H3318 and doH6213 so.


Back now:

10522 Verse From END;

Ezek 7:2

Also, thou sonH1121 of man,H120 thus saithH559 the LordH136 GODH3069 unto the landH127 of Israel;H3478 An end,H7093 the endH7093 is comeH935 upon the fourH702 cornersH3671 of the land.H776


Verse #:  20580   | From 1Ki 16:34:  11262   | From Est 2:7:  7848   | From Mal 4:6:  2565   | From End:  10522   | From (Neh 11:34):  7957

  BCV:  2672   CV:  72

  HebGem:  3895

10522 from 1st Kings 16:34:

Matt 5:19

WhosoeverG3739 G1437thereforeG3767 shall breakG3089 oneG1520 of theseG5130 leastG1646 commandments,G1785 andG2532 shall teachG1321 menG444 soG3779, he shall be calledG2564 the leastG1646 inG1722 the kingdomG932 of heaven:G3772 butG1161 whosoeverG3739 G302shall doG4160 andG2532 teachG1321 [them], the sameG3778 shall be calledG2564 greatG3173 inG1722 the kingdomG932 of heaven.G3772


Only Gematria 10522!


2Sam 5:22

And the PhilistinesH6430 came upH5927 yet again,H3254 and spreadH5203 themselves in the valleyH6010 of Rephaim.H7497


5041 Verse from Malachi 4:6;  HAARP Ceaseth now!

Isa 24:8

The mirthH4885 of tabretsH8596 ceaseth,H7673 the noiseH7588 of them that rejoiceH5947 endeth,H2308 the joyH4885 of the harpH3658 ceaseth.H7673


10,000 + 5041

Ps 73:20

As a dreamH2472 when [one] awaketh;H6974 [so], O Lord,H136 when thou awakest,H5782 thou shalt despiseH959 their image.H6754


 Remember that Arising Artificially?!

20,000 + 5041

Luke 3:15

AndG1161 as the peopleG3588 G2992 were in expectation,G4328 andG2532 all menG3956 musedG1260 inG1722 theirG846 heartsG3588 G2588 ofG4012 John,G3588 G2491 whetherG3379 heG846 wereG1498 the Christ,G3588 G5547 or not;G3379