Michele Kennedy (28 June 2013)
"10th Month 1st Day -  The LIE and the PAPAL- 5505 and 5504!!!!!  WARNING TO All CATHOLICS and the WORLD!!!   EAT NO BLOOD! Damnable Heresies!!!! Prophecy of the Pope COMING BACK!!!! But is DEAD and is filled with 7 MORE WICKED than himself......."

10th Month 1st Day


The LIE = Eat my Blood!



Ezra 10:16

And the childrenH1121 of the captivityH1473 did so.H6213 And EzraH5830 the priest,H3548 [with] certainH582 chiefH7218 of the fathers,H1 after the houseH1004 of their fathersH1, and all of them by [their] names,H8034 were separated,H914 and sat downH3427 in the firstH259 dayH3117 of the tenthH6224 monthH2320 to examineH1875 the matter.H1697


Verse #:  12269   | From 1Ki 16:34:  2951   | From Est 2:7:  463   | From Mal 4:6:  10876   | From End:  18833   | From (Ezr 10:16):  0

  BCV:  151016   CV:  1016

  HebGem:  6137


Next verse:

Ezra 10:17

And they made an endH3615 with all the menH582 that had takenH3427 strangeH5237 wivesH802 by the firstH259 dayH3117 of the firstH7223 month.H2320



What verse is the Chapter and Verse number 1020?


Ezra 10:20

And of the sonsH1121 of Immer;H564 Hanani,H2607 and Zebadiah.H2069


Verse #:  12273   | From 1Ki 16:34:  2955   | From Est 2:7:  459   | From Mal 4:6:  10872   | From End:  18829   | From (Ezr 10:16):  4

  BCV:  151020   CV:  1020

  HebGem:  501


And of the sonsH1121 of Immer;H564 Hanani,H2607 and Zebadiah.H2069 = 6361





(Chaldee); from a root corresponding to that of H6260 ; a gown (as if hammered out wide): - hose.

Note that 6461 is the Gematria of Psalm 12:1 the ONLY Strongs word Pacuc = DISAPPEAR, VANISH!!!  RAPTURE!!!

Here is where we find this word used in scripture. 

Used only ONCE but a DOUBLE REFERENCE!!!

Dan 3:21

ThenH116 theseH479 menH1400 were boundH3729 in their coats,H5622 their hosen,H6361 H6361 and their hatsH3737, and their [other] garments,H3831 and were castH7412 into the midstH1459 of the burningH3345 fieryH5135 furnace.H861


6361 X 2 = 12722

12722 Verse the Queen VASHTI is Put Away…..Divorce

Esth 1:19

If it pleaseH2895 the king,H4428 let there goH3318 a royalH4438 commandmentH1697 from him,H6440 and let it be writtenH3789 among the lawsH1881 of the PersiansH6539 and the Medes,H4074 that it be not altered,H5674 That VashtiH2060 comeH935 no more beforeH6440 kingH4428 Ahasuerus;H325 and let the kingH4428 giveH5414 her royal estateH4438 unto anotherH7468 that is betterH2896 than she.

 Then in the NT this number 12722 is a GEMATRIA MATCH!!! (1 of 2 gematria 12722)

Rom 11:17

AndG1161 ifG1487 someG5100 of the branchesG3588 G2798 be broken off,G1575 andG1161 thou,G4771 beingG5607 a wild olive tree,G65 wert graffedG1461 inG1722 among them,G846 andG2532 G1096with them partakestG4791 of the rootG3588 G4491 andG2532 fatnessG3588 G4096 of the olive tree;G3588 G1636


Second (2 of 2) 12722 Gematria is Also a NT Verse!

1John 2:14

I have writtenG1125 unto you,G5213 fathers,G3962 becauseG3754 ye have knownG1097 him [that is] fromG575 the beginning.G746 I have writtenG1125 unto you,G5213 young men,G3495 becauseG3754 ye areG2075 strong,G2478 andG2532 the wordG3056 ofG1722 GodG2316 abidethG3306 in you,G5213 andG2532 ye have overcomeG3528 the wicked one.G4190


Here is the Position number of this 6361:





A primitive root; to become tipsy ; in a qualified {sense} to satiate with a stimulating drink or (figuratively) influence. (Superlative of H8248.): - (be filled with) drink ({abundantly}) ({be} make) drunk ({-en}) be merry. [Superlative of H8248 .]


1st found in Genesis verse 227!  ( a connection still to 12722)!

Gen 9:21

And he drankH8354 of the wine,H3196 and was drunken;H7937 and he was uncoveredH1540 withinH8432 his tent.H168


Verse #:  227   | From 1Ki 16:34:  9091   From Est 2:7:  12505   | From Mal 4:6:  22918   | From End:  30875

  BCV:  1921   CV:  921

  HebGem:  2335


227 and now 722 REVERSED!

This scripture in Genesis is actually 7,000 Verses exactly from the 4th Ref. to Shakar!

1Sam 1:14

And EliH5941 saidH559 unto her, How long wilt thou be drunken?H7937 put awayH5493 thy wineH3196 from thee.

Verse #:  7227   From 1Ki 16:34:  2091   | From Est 2:7:  5505   From Mal 4:6:  15918   | From End:  23875

  BCV:  9114   CV:  114

  HebGem:  3263


12505 and 5505


    Word #:   


    Vol 1 Word #:   



    Word #:   


    Vol 2 Word #:   







From G5507 ; one thousand ( chiliad ): - thousand.

By Position! 119 = 911 REVERSED!





From G118 ; a struggle (figuratively): - fight.


505 SIGN!





Properly the same as H504 ; hence (an ox´ s head being the first letter of the {alphabet} and this eventually used as a numeral) a thousand: - thousand.

By Position to 505:

G5119 = 5,000 + 119!!!




From (the neuter of) G3588 and G3753 ; the {when} that {is} at the time that (of the past or {future} also in consecution): - that {time} then.

 505 Verse From Ester 2:7

Ezra 8:25

And weighedH8254 unto them the silver,H3701 and the gold,H2091 and the vessels,H3627 [even] the offeringH8641 of the houseH1004 of our God,H430 which the king,H4428 and his counsellors,H3289 and his lords,H8269 and all IsraelH3478 [there] present,H4672 had offered:H7311

Verse #:  12227   | From 1Ki 16:34:  2909   | From Est 2:7:  505   | From Mal 4:6:  10918   | From End:  18875

  BCV:  15825   CV:  825

  HebGem:  5495


 Counting from Ester 2:7 then to Verse 12227 going toward Genesis:

Gen 20:9

Then AbimelechH40 calledH7121 Abraham,H85 and saidH559 unto him, What hast thou doneH6213 unto us? and what have I offendedH2398 thee, that thou hast broughtH935 on me and on my kingdomH4467 a greatH1419 sin?H2401 thou hast doneH6213 deedsH4639 unto me that ought not to be done.H6213

Verse #:  505   | From 1Ki 16:34:  8813   | From Est 2:7:  12227   From Mal 4:6:  22640   | From End:  30597   | From (Ezr 8:25):  11722

  BCV:  1209   CV:  209

  HebGem:  5972

The Lord is Prophetically speaking about Israel being given to World.  Abimelech knows that a CURSE is gone forth in his Kingdom because the Wife of Abraham (God type) is given/taken.

NT Chapter and Verse  Number:  12227

Matt 22:27

AndG1161 lastG5305 of allG3956 the womanG1135 diedG599 also.G2532

Woman had 7 husbands!!!

12227 OT Word Count is Still speaking of Sarah’s relationship to Abraham!

Gen 20:12

And yet indeedH546 [she is] my sisterH269; she [is] the daughterH1323 of my father,H1 but not the daughterH1323 of my mother;H517 and she became my wife.H802

12227 NT Word Count is prophetically speaking of the Disciples of the PAPAL System who believe the Deception/Lie that the POPE is actually Jesus Christ Himself…..Secret

Matt 16:20

ThenG5119 charged heG1291 hisG846 disciplesG3101 thatG2443 they should tellG2036 no manG3367 thatG3754 heG846 wasG2076 JesusG2424 the Christ.G5547

Gematria 9617

Verse 20,000 + 9617

1Thess 4:13

ButG1161 I wouldG2309 notG3756 haveG2309 youG5209 to be ignorant,G50 brethren,G80 concerningG4012 them which are asleep,G2837 thatG2443 ye sorrowG3076 not,G3361 evenG2532 asG2531 othersG3062 which haveG2192 noG3361 hope.G1680

 Verse #:  29617   | From 1Ki 16:34:  20299   | From Est 2:7:  16885   | From Mal 4:6:  6472   | From End:  1485   | From (Mat 16:20):  5924

  BCV:  52413   NTCV:  13413   CV:  413

  TR2Gem:  8976


Looking now at the Verse Count from Matthew 16:20 for further confirmation of the Papacy is in reference here.





(Chaldee); from H5922 ; above: - over.


Dan 6:2

And overH5924 theseH4481 threeH8532 presidents;H5632 of whomH4481 DanielH1841 [was] first:H2298 thatH459 the princesH324 mightH1934 giveH3052 accountsH2941 unto them, and the kingH4430 should haveH1934 noH3809 damage.H5142




Daniel 6:2 is Verses  7709 from 1 Thes. 4:13 so let’s now take a peek at this word!





Apparently from H7704 ; a cultivated field: - {blasted} field.

Only Found HERE!

Deut 32:32

For their vineH1612 [is] of the vineH1612 of Sodom,H5467 and of the fieldsH7709 of Gomorrah:H6017 their grapesH6025 [are] grapesH6025 of gall,H7219 their clustersH811 [are] bitter:H4846

7709 Verse:

Jonathan Delights in David and Warns David to HIDE in a SECRET Place!

1Sam 19:2

But JonathanH3083 Saul'sH7586 sonH1121 delightedH2654 muchH3966 in David:H1732 and JonathanH3083 toldH5046 David,H1732 saying,H559 SaulH7586 my fatherH1 seekethH1245 to killH4191 thee: now therefore, I pray thee, take heedH8104 to thyself until the morning,H1242 and abideH3427 in a secretH5643 [place], and hideH2244 thyself:

Only 7709 Gematria Match!


Luke 11:9

And IG2504 sayG3004 unto you,G5213 Ask,G154 andG2532 it shall be givenG1325 you;G5213 seek,G2212 andG2532 ye shall find;G2147 knock,G2925 andG2532 it shall be openedG455 unto you.G5213





To show blood (in the {face}) that {is} flush or turn rosy: - be ({dyed} made) red (ruddy).

7709 OT Word Count:

Gen 13:16

And I will makeH7760 thy seedH2233 as the dustH6083 of the earth:H776 so thatH834 if a manH376 canH3201 numberH4487 the dustH6083 of the earth,H776 [then] shall thy seedH2233 also be numbered.H4487


Verse 10,000 + 5924!

Ps 119:25

<DALETH.> My soulH5315 cleavethH1692 unto the dust:H6083 quickenH2421 thou me according to thy word.H1697


DUST thou was Taken and Dust tho Shall Return.  QUICKEN thou me for my Soul Cleaveth unto the Dust!



1. The office and dignity of the pope or bishop of Rome; popedom.

2. Papal authority.


    Word #:   


    Vol 2 Word #:   


505 is mentioned 504 times!






From H502 ; a family ; also (from the sense of yoking or taming ) an ox or cow: - {family} {kine} oxen.






From G1 (as a negative particle) and G5204 ; {waterless} that {is} dry: - {dry} without water.

Verse  20,000 + 504;

Ezek 3:1

Moreover he saidH559 unto me, SonH1121 of man,H120 eatH398 that thou findest;H4672 eatH398 this roll,H4039 and goH3212 speakH1696 unto the houseH1004 of Israel.H3478

Verse 30,000 + 504;

2Pet 2:3

AndG2532 throughG1722 covetousnessG4124 shall theyG1710 with feignedG4112 wordsG3056 make merchandise ofG1710 you:G5209 whoseG3739 judgmentG2917 nowG691 of a long timeG1597 lingerethG691 not,G3756 andG2532 theirG846 damnationG684 slumberethG3573 not.G3756

Strong Number 504  First Ref;

Matt 12:43

WhenG3752 theG4151 G1161uncleanG169 spiritG4151 is goneG1831 out ofG575 a man,G444 he walkethG1330 throughG1223 dryG504 places,G5117 seekingG2212 rest,G372 andG2532 findethG2147 none.G3756

No Rest for the WICKED  The Pope had an Unclean Spririt when he died and this Unclean Spirit is Seeking Rest but will not Find REST.

They are keeping him in a state of living, but he is Dead.


Luke 11:24

WhenG3752 theG4151 uncleanG169 spiritG4151 is gone outG1831 ofG575 a man,G444 he walkethG1330 throughG1223 dryG504 places,G5117 seekingG2212 rest;G372 andG2532 findingG2147 none,G3361 he saith,G3004 I will returnG5290 untoG1519 myG3450 houseG3624 whenceG3606 I came out.G1831

The Unclean Spirit then RETURNS to the HOST man of Sin and finds it:

Luke 11:25

AndG2532 when he cometh,G2064 he findethG2147 [it] sweptG4563 andG2532 garnished.G2885

 And then the Unclean Spirit Brings with him 7 OTHER MORE WICKED than Himself!

Luke 11:26

ThenG5119 goeth he,G4198 andG2532 takethG3880 [to him] sevenG2033 otherG2087 spiritsG4151 more wickedG4190 than himself;G1438 andG2532 they enter in,G1525 and dwellG2730 there:G1563 andG2532 the lastG2078 [state] ofG444 thatG1565 manG444 isG1096 worseG5501 than the first.G4413


The Pope is RENEWED but is DEAD and VERY VERY WICKED!!!!

Verse #:  25432   | From 1Ki 16:34:  16114   | From Est 2:7:  12700   | From Mal 4:6:  2287   | From End:  5670   | From (Luk 11:24):  2

  BCV:  421126   NTCV:  31126   CV:  1126

  TR2Gem:  15593


15593 Verse from Malachi 4:6;

1Sam 14:43

Then SaulH7586 saidH559 to Jonathan,H3129 TellH5046 me what thou hast done.H6213 And JonathanH3129 toldH5046 him, and said,H559 I did butH2938 tasteH2938 a littleH4592 honeyH1706 with the endH7097 of the rodH4294 that [was] in mine hand,H3027 [and], lo,H2009 I must die.H4191

Verse #:  7552   | From 1Ki 16:34:  1766   | From Est 2:7:  5180   | From Mal 4:6:  15593   | From End:  23550   | From (Luk 11:26):  17880

  BCV:  91443   CV:  1443

  HebGem:  5288



Look again at Luke 11:26 Verse.



Luke 11:26

ThenG5119 goeth he,G4198 andG2532 takethG3880 [to him] sevenG2033 otherG2087 spiritsG4151 more wickedG4190 than himself;G1438 andG2532 they enter in,G1525 and dwellG2730 there:G1563 andG2532 the lastG2078 [state] ofG444 thatG1565 manG444 isG1096 worseG5501 than the first.G4413

Verse #:  25432   | From 1Ki 16:34:  16114   | From Est 2:7:  12700   | From Mal 4:6:  2287   | From End:  5670   | From (Luk 11:26):  0

  BCV:  421126   NTCV:  31126   CV:  1126

  TR2Gem:  15593


421126 OT Word Count:

Ps 144:2

My goodness,H2617 and my fortress;H4686 my high tower,H4869 and my deliverer;H6403 my shieldH4043, and [he] in whom I trust;H2620 who subduethH7286 my peopleH5971 under me.

9124 Verse from Luke 11:26

10,000 + 9124:

Jer 7:4

TrustH982 ye not in lyingH8267 words,H1697 saying,H559 The templeH1964 of the LORD,H3068 The templeH1964 of the LORD,H3068 The templeH1964 of the LORD,H3068 [are] these.

Gematria of this verse 1992;

1st Referenced here:

The LIE is Spun 1st here!

Gen 3:7

And the eyesH5869 of them bothH8147 were opened,H6491 and theyH1992 knewH3045 that they [were] naked;H5903 and they sewedH8609 figH8384 leavesH5929 together,H8609 and made themselvesH6213 aprons.H2290


2nd Reference the NEPHILIM are the THEY of Today!

Gen 6:4

There were giantsH5303 in the earthH776 in those days;H3117 and also afterH310 that,H3651 whenH834 the sonsH1121 of GodH430 came inH935 unto the daughtersH1323 of men,H120 and they bareH3205 [children] to them, the sameH1992 [became] mighty menH1368 which [were] of old,H5769 menH582 of renown.H8034

1992 Verse from Ester 2:7;

Ps 53:4

Have the workersH6466 of iniquityH205 no knowledge?H3045 who eat upH398 my peopleH5971 [as] they eatH398 bread:H3899 they have not calledH7121 upon God.H430

 1992 OT Word Count:

The Lie God Refutes  you will Not Become as gods, you shall die and return to Dust!

Gen 3:19

In the sweatH2188 of thy faceH639 shalt thou eatH398 bread,H3899 tillH5704 thou returnH7725 unto the ground;H127 for out of it wast thou taken:H3947 for dustH6083 thouH859 [art], and unto dustH6083 shalt thou return.H7725

Gematria 4191;

 4191 First mention Here!

The Curse is Spoken over mankind= DEATH

Gen 2:17

But of the treeH6086 of the knowledgeH1847 of goodH2896 and evil,H7451 thou shalt not eatH398 of it: for in the dayH3117 that thou eatestH398 thereof thou shalt surelyH4191 die.H4191

Strongs 4191 Last mention;

Zech 11:9

Then saidH559 I, I will not feedH7462 you: that that dieth,H4191 let it die;H4191 and that that is to be cut off,H3582 let it be cut off;H3582 and let the restH7604 eatH398 every oneH802 the fleshH1320 of another.H7468



Matt 12:45

ThenG5119 goeth he,G4198 andG2532 takethG3880 withG3326 himselfG1438 sevenG2033 otherG2087 spiritsG4151 more wickedG4191 than himself,G1438 andG2532 they enter inG1525 and dwellG2730 there:G1563 andG2532 the lastG2078 [state] ofG444 thatG1565 manG444 isG1096 worseG5501 than the first.G4413 Even soG3779 shall it beG2071 alsoG2532 untoG1074 thisG3778 wickedG4190 generation.G1074



EAT NOT BLOOD or BELIEVE the LIE of SATAN who will come as an ANGEL OF LIGHT unto the World and even bring back from the Dead the Man of Sin the POPE John Paul!

The Lie of Satan in the Garden was the Same Lie!