Michele Kennedy (28 June 2013)
"102013 PROPHETIC look at this Date in the Strongs!!!!  The FALLING AWAY and the CATHOLICS BE WARNED!  DREAM of 'Steep Place' a Warning to Catholics!!!!!!!!!!!"

102013 Book Chapter Verse Number;


2Sam 20:13

When he was removedH3014 out of the highway,H4546 all the peopleH376 went onH5674 afterH310 Joab,H3097 to pursueH7291 afterH310 ShebaH7652 the sonH1121 of Bichri.H1075





From H5549 ; a thoroughfare (as {turnpiked }) literally or figuratively; specifically a {viaduct} a staircase: - {causeway} {course} {highway} {path} terrace.


DREAM of “STEEP PLACE” of DANGER!!! 10/20/12

  102012 Book Chapter Verse;

2Sam 20:12

And AmasaH6021 wallowedH1556 in bloodH1818 in the midstH8432 of the highway.H4546 And when the manH376 sawH7200 that all the peopleH5971 stood still,H5975 he removedH5437 AmasaH6021 out of the highwayH4546 into the field,H7704 and castH7993 a clothH899 upon him, when he sawH7200 that every one that cameH935 by him stood still.H5975


This is the area called: The Catholic Danger Zone!

Looking at the word STOOD STILL.  5975  mentioned Twice.  Like when the Post was Provided for Saftey for us both, but the other lady didn’t see the Danger she was in!





A primitive root; to {stand} in various relations (literally and {figuratively} intransitively and transitively): - abide ({behind}) {appoint} {arise} {cease} {confirm} {continue} {dwell} be {employed} {endure} {establish} {leave} {make} {ordain} be {[over]} {place} (be) present ({self}) raise {up} {remain} {repair} + {serve} set ({forth} {over} {-tle} {up}) (make {to} make to be at {a} with-) stand ({by} {fast} {firm} {still} {up}) (be at a) stay ({up}) tarry.


Ok, now before I show you where the First mention of this word AMAD lands,  I need to remind you of the Study I just finished called, “EAT” meaning Eating Blood that is an Forbidden unto God.  Catholics take Communion and EAT the Body and the Blood of Jesus Christ Physically Changed into Him, (taught).

Now in the future if the Pope Paul comes back to life and begins to teach doctrine of Alien’s are our Ascended masters and Creators and that the Pope saying that, “ I have been rose up by these Aliens and have the DNA of Jesus Christ.”

“Eat my Blood” 

AMAD = STOOD  A Meal is made  between God and Abraham before the Angels go to destroy Sodom and Gemorrah.

Gen 18:8

And he tookH3947 butter,H2529 and milk,H2461 and the calfH1241 H1121 which he had dressed,H6213 and setH5414 [it] before them;H6440 and he stoodH5975 by them under the tree,H6086 and they did eat.H398

Butter = Curddled Milk or Cheese and is the Hebrew word for WARM or HOT, CHEMA;  As in Chemical or Chemotherapy.

Milk = from the Kine (aleph 505)  and means RICHNESS, SUCKLING (as in for new baby food)

“Under the TREE”- ETS  and it’s Strongs Number Associate gives us the Clues we need to decipher more about this Scriptures meaning.





Feminine of a derivative from H8210 ; a pipe (for pouring {forth} for example {wine}) that {is} the penis: - privy member.





From H2583 ; properly a vault or cell (with an arch); by implication a prison: - cabin

Deut 23:1

He that is wounded in the stones,H1795 H6481 or hath his privy memberH8212 cut off,H3772 shall not enterH935 into the congregationH6951 of the LORD.H3068


Privy member and the word Cell Vault or prison could be alluding to the Holding place of the Cut Off Ones.

Gematria of this verse is 1519

1519 Hebrew:

(Chaldee); corresponding to H1518 ; to rush forth: - strive.

1519  Greek:



A primary preposition;
to or into (indicating the point reached or {entered}) of {place} {time} or (figuratively) purpose ({result} etc.);


By position:





From G4106 ; to (properly cause to) roam (from {safety} {truth} or virtue): - go {astray} {deceive} {err} {seduce} {wander} be out of the way.

So we can see here that the Dream and the Date are Prophetically  given to us as a WARNING DREAM!


The Catholic Doctrine of Transubstantiation will Condemn their soul to Hell!

Where is the ONLY place we find this Gematria of H1519?

Dan 7:2

DanielH1841 spakeH6032 and said,H560 I sawH1934 H2370 in my visionH2376 byH5974 night,H3916 and, behold,H718 the fourH703 windsH7308 of the heavenH8065 stroveH1519 upon the greatH7229 sea.H3221


I had another dream on 5/19 I called the China Military Dream.  UFO related but also Military Equipment being shipped by Stealth to China.

Look at the 1519 Greek word:   WISE MEN FROM THE EAST”

Matt 2:1

Now whenG1161 JesusG2424 was bornG1080 inG1722 BethlehemG965 of JudaeaG2449 inG1722 the daysG2250 of HerodG2264 the king,G935 behold,G2400 there cameG3854 wise menG3097 fromG575 the eastG395 toG1519 Jerusalem,G2414


WOW!  I just found a Reference to the word GATES more than once with this number!

Here is the VERY VERSE OF THE RAPTURE!  One we have been Studying this week even! This is the RAPTURE! 

Ps 24:9

Lift upH5375 your heads,H7218 O ye gatesH8179; even lift [them] up,H5375 ye everlastingH5769 doors;H6607 and the KingH4428 of gloryH3519 shall come in.H935


Verse #:  14251   | From 1Ki 16:34:  4933   | From Est 2:7:  1519   From Mal 4:6:  8894   | From End:  16851   | From (Deu 23:1):  8749

  BCV:  19249   CV:  249

  HebGem:  2601


The Falling Away is UPON us and will be commencing until our Departure.

This is the 1519 Last mention in the Greek:  

Enter into the GATES  into the City!!!

Rev 22:14

BlessedG3107 [are] theyG3588 that doG4160 hisG846 commandments,G1785 thatG2443 theyG846 may haveG2071 rightG1849 toG1909 the treeG3586 of life,G2222 andG2532 may enter inG1525 through the gatesG3588 G4440 intoG1519 the city.G3588 G4172

Revelation 22:14  Counting from Deut. 23:1  is 25593 verses. 

Now if we count from Revelation 22:20 the last Scripture of the Bible back 25593 Verses we are now at Deut. 23: again!

But now were are in Verse 8!  The Third Generation will enter in!

Deut 23:8

The childrenH1121 that are begottenH3205 of them shall enterH935 into the congregationH6951 of the LORDH3068 in their thirdH7992 generation.H1755

Verse #:  5509   | From 1Ki 16:34:  3809   | From Est 2:7:  7223   | From Mal 4:6:  17636   | From End:  25593   | From (Deu 23:8):  0

  BCV:  5238   CV:  238

  HebGem:  1845


Who can enter into the Congregation now after the 3rd Generation.

Deut 23:7

Thou shalt not abhorH8581 an EdomiteH130; for he [is] thy brother:H251 thou shalt not abhorH8581 an Egyptian;H4713 because thou wast a strangerH1616 in his land.H776

ESAU & Gentiles!

Now lets look further at 1519 Gematria match:  

Amazing Confrontation of words here!

‘STAND’ and ‘PIPES’!

Zech 4:13

And he answeredH559 me and said,H559 KnowestH3045 thou not what these [be]? And I said,H559 No, my lord.H113

Zech 4:14


Then saidH559 he, These [are] the twoH8147 anointedH3323 ones,H1121 that standH5975 by the LordH113 of the whole earth.H776


Only Mention of this word PIPES is here;


Zech 4:12

And I answeredH6030 again,H8145 and saidH559 unto him, What [be these] twoH8147 oliveH2132 branchesH7641 which throughH3027 the twoH8147 goldenH2091 pipesH6804 emptyH7324 the goldenH2091 [oil] out of themselves?





Probably from the same as H6794 ; a tube: - pipe.





From an unused root perhaps meaning to be hollow ; a culvert: - {gutter} water-spout.

1st mention of  6794 REFERENCE to PIPE.

2Sam 5:8

And DavidH1732 saidH559 on that day,H3117 Whosoever getteth upH5060 to the gutter,H6794 and smitethH5221 the Jebusites,H2983 and the lameH6455 and the blind,H5787 [that are] hatedH8130 of David'sH1732 soul,H5315 [he shall be chief and captain]. Wherefore they said,H559 The blindH5787 and the lameH6455 shall not comeH935 into the house.H1004

WAR!  The Stars/angels  may be the ones who will be fighting the rebellsious ones after the rapture.

Go back to the Beginning Verse;  “HIGHWAY”

4546 Reference:  STARs FIGHT? 

Judg 5:20

They foughtH3898 from heaven;H8064 the starsH3556 in their coursesH4546 foughtH3898 against Sisera.H5516


Last mention of Highway:

Joel 2:8

Neither shall oneH376 thrustH1766 another;H251 they shall walkH3212 every oneH1397 in his pathH4546: and [when] they fallH5307 upon the sword,H7973 they shall not be wounded.H1214


 Must read these Scriptures!  They are dealing with Entering into God’s Holiness and the requirements of God not Man!


The4546 Word Count is AMAZING!

10. 1st day Tops of MNTs Seen!

What Month did we start the study with?  TENTH= OCT. 20th 2013!

Gen 8:5

And the watersH4325 decreasedH2637 continuallyH1980 untilH5704 the tenthH6224 month:H2320 in the tenthH6224 [month], on the firstH259 [day] of the month,H2320 were the topsH7218 of the mountainsH2022 seen.H7200