Karen L (28 June 2013)
"Reply to Randy"

Randy and all,
For those who are watching for His appearing every minute is a long time and I have been watching since the seventies, so I feel your heart in this. He is seeking a pure bride and this is some of the holdup.
I pray in tongues and sometimes hear words that stand out. This year over and over in my prayer I hear ha Shannah. Of course I asked about it and was lead to search Prophetic, September 2013. What I found was very exciting. Also search Prophetic dream 2013 and you should find the postings of a man from South Africa who had a dream about the Day of Atonement. He has included in various postings dreams and visions of others that correlate with his. WOW. His name is Andre Niemand. Anyone heard of him?
Years ago the Lord told me of an end time outpouring that would instantly transform the recipients into the fully mature sons of God that He has been gradually growing us into.
This group will receive the same capabilities that Jesus had during His ministry on earth and will launch a great end time harvest.
Perhaps this will hasten that great day or maybe it is that great day. I am still processing this myself but you and all will hopefully find this search as exciting as I have.
Looking forward to lots of feedback on this from many of you. We are all still seeing through a glass darkly but the Light on this topic grows brighter each day. Take heart brother and all.
Eyes on the eastern sky.
Karen Lee