John B (4 June 2013)
"Isaiah 18 continued..........will the arc of the covenant be our signal for the rapture?...... more signs for the rapture....Shane C"

A few weeks ago I wrote a post to Doves concerning Isaiah 18 and how I believed that verses 4,5 and 6 dealt with the rapture of the church.
I mentioned that I would later post and give you my thoughts on the remaining verses of that chapter of scripture which are 1,2,3 and 7. The time hasn't seemed right to go forward with this discussion for whatever reason (God I believe). Yesterdays reading of Barry Amundsen's post concerning the rapture and arc of the covenant seemed to prompt me to continue. Also fresh news coming out of Egypt.
The time now seems right for me to finish the rest of Isaiah 18 and post my thoughts to you for your consideration.
Verse 1,2,3 and 7 are or can be vague enough to be open for all manor of explanations. I know several Doves who insist that Isaiah 18 verse 2  is referring to the United States. I don't agree and it's my opinion that Isaiah in all his writings was talking about his "neighborhood" that he was aware of and familiar with. That being........ the Middle East, North Africa or Asia Minor. Not America, Brazil, New Zealand or wherever. I know that our pride of and in America beckons us to believe that many of these bible passages speak of and to it (America) and that God sees some great importance with us but I truly believe Isaiah was just talking about "his neighborhood".
That being said let me list the verses and then share my thoughts on these verses and how they are being fulfilled now before our eyes and may signal the soon rapture timeframe.
1 Woe to the land of buzzing wings,(Egypt and its locust swarms recently)
Which is beyond the rivers of Ethiopia,(Egypt is downstream of Ethiopia's rivers)
(Egypt) Which sends ambassadors by sea,
even in vessels of reed on the waters,
(we have all seen the large boats from Egypt built of reeds from the Nile)
"Go, swift messengers,(from Egypt) to a nation proud and tall and smooth of skin,(Ethiopia)
To a people terrible from their beginning onward,
a nation powerful and treading down,
whose land the rivers divide."
The tribes from Ethiopia and Sudan are the tallest people on average in the world. The men average 6'4" and the women 6'0". And they are smooth of skin, no body hair. Ethiopia was a nation powerful from its start but didn't keep up as time went by hence they "treaded down". A map of Ethiopia will show how the country is divided like a cut pizza by it's rivers.
Why would Egypt send messengers (ambassadors) to Ethiopia?
The Nile River is presently drying up and is the life-blood of Egypt. Without the Nile there is no Egypt. Egypt gets its water for the Nile from Ethiopia and Sudan to the south. Ethiopia plans on building a large hydroelectric facility which will divert water from getting to Egypt drying up the Nile even more. This will be intolerable for Egypt and the Egyptian government. Presently the Egyptian government is sending ambassadors to Ethiopia to try to prevent this from happening. Here's the article.......
3  All inhabitants of the world and dwellers on the earth:
(that would be us....... He's saying pay attention to what is happening)
When he (God) lifts up a banner on the mountains, you see it,
And when he (God) blows a trumpet, you hear it.
Presently and for months now people all over the world have been hearing trumpet sounds not knowing where they are coming from. And there have been volcanoes going off all over the planet which spread smoke horizontally across the mountains and sky for hundreds of miles...... like banners.
Note...for the explanation of verses 4,5 and 6 see my prior post.....
7  In that time (when these other things listed are happening) a present will be brought to the Lord of hosts,
From a people tall and smooth of skin,
And from a people terrible from their beginning onward,
A nation powerful and treading down,
Whose land the rivers divide---- (we have determined this to be Ethiopia)
To the place of the name of the Lord of hosts,
To mount Zion. (Jerusalem)
What kind of a present could the Ethiopians bring to Jerusalem now and present to the Lord of hosts (Jesus)? The "arc of the covenant". I am sure many of you are aware from watching National Geographic specials that the "arc of the covenant" is supposed to be housed and protected in a church in Ethiopia. Are the Ethiopians for whatever reason now near ready to bring the arc to Jerusalem and present it to the Lord of hosts? And will this signal the timeframe for the rapture of the church? Or will this happen immediately after the rapture of the church?
Let me recap all of this the way I perceive it. Isaiah is giving us a heads up as to when the rapture of the church will happen. He says....
....when you see Egypt send ambassadors (negotiators) to Ethiopia having something to do with rivers (verse 1,2) 
....when you see volcanoes around the planet belching out horizontal smoke trails for miles that look like banners across the mountains (verse 3)
....when you hear trumpet like sounds all around the planet (verse 3)
This is when our Lord will take His rest and look down from His dwelling place (the clouds?) to witness two things rising. The dead in Christ and the alive in Christ in the great resurrection....the rapture.(verse 4 )
He comes to take His bride but leaves the sour grapes (Jews) to ripen, to sweeten to Him later. (verse 5)
This happens some time late spring or early summer whenever the "sour grape is ripening in the flower"(verse 5)
The left behind (branches) will have to face Satan's troops...UFO's that appear in summer and the beasts of the earth (terrible demonic locust from Rev.9) in the winter (verse 6)
In that time whether just before or immediately after the rapture the Ethiopians will see fit to bring the "arc of the covenant" to Jerusalem as a present to Jesus, the Lord of hosts. (verse 7)  Keep in mind also that Ethiopia has been a Christian country for centuries.
I believe that when the "arc of the covenant" reaches Jerusalem it will give the Israelis the impetus they need to build their new temple.
The signs Isaiah gave us are staring us in the face. And considering other world and especially Middle East events I perceive we may be very close to the "big" trumpet blowing to bring us home.
Blessings.........John B
PS...Shane C this post is for you......I believe it was you that especially asked that I finish Isaiah 18