Jimmy Lishman (28 June 2013)
"January 2010 - I heard and published - 27, 27 it will be 27"

Do you Remember the post on 5 Doves  – now I can reveal the name – Nelson Mandela the name in connection with the date

Pray that the populace does not loose its mind – as is happening all over the world

Love in the Coming KING of KINGS

Jimmy Lishman

Hi Beloved Doves


In January of 2010 I received a message late at night in an audible word spoken in my bedroom while my family slept, which I posted on 5 Doves the same day…(I had a feeling of closure of a period that I could not explain)


In retrospect while studying another very old prophecy from a previous century earlier the evening – a great statesman dies when the season grows cold – in South Africa the cold season is June/July and he lies in state in a glass coffin – and the grief of the nation spills over……


27 – 2011

27 – 2012

27 – 2013             and Nelson Mandela Dies – does the country lapse into chaos or will reason prevail – keep our country in prayer


Maranatha – BE READY AT ALL TIMES for the time of witnessing is at an end


Love Jimmy