Gino (28 June 2013)
"cometh not with observation"

I love to daily scour the internet for news that appears to have prophetic significance, and have been doing so since the early 90s, and before that with newspapers.

Others do the same, and each day send me clippings, links, or copies of more obscure articles that I may have missed.

However, every time that I read the following line of scripture:


Luke 17:20 ∂ And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:


Then I wonder if Iím being convicted, because I too, like the Pharisees, hope to get a heads up, or even hasten, prophetic events, because of my observations.

Am I wrong?

Does this line of scripture not speak of being hung-up on observation, particularly as it applies to future prophetic events?

How could I possibly get better insight into the Fatherís secret, of the timing of the day and hour, especially from extra-biblical sources? No way.

Yet I seem to always get drawn that way.

Iíve even been tempted to think that information on the internet could actually help me figure out what the 7 thunders said, when even John was forbidden to write it down.

So whether bout that, or the Second Advent, or the Blessed Hope, I canít seem to stop expecting to get answers from other sources outside the Bible.

Each day, I check Drudge, RaptureReady,, TruNews, Debka, Tracking Bible Prophecy, etc.

When each time, in my heart, Iím hoping to learn from there, what the LORD had not revealed to me in his scriptures.

Does that make me like Saul, when he couldnít get an answer from the LORD, by prayer, prophets, Urim, or even dreams, when Saul went to ďoutside sourcesĒ for his answers?


Then, even when I do dream, Iím not absolutely 100% sure, in the Spirit, how to interpret them, especially without interjecting my own will, preferences, or biases.

Last night, for instance, I four dreams, where I woke up right after each one, and then considered them.

In the first two, I was thinking, feeling & acting scripturally, and I knew in the dream, as well as when I awoke, that they were right & they were good.

In the second two dreams, I was sinning, knew I was sinning, thinking & feeling about the conviction, as well as the pleasures of sin for that season.

I was sure, even in the dream, as well as when I awoke, that they were wrong & they were not good.

I know for sure that the LORD was not giving me those sinful thoughts & desires, those second two dreams could not have been from him.

They either came from my own wicked & deceitful heart, or perhaps had some interjections from without, like when Iím tempted when Iím awake.

However, the first two, even though everything appeared right, could have come from me as well, considering I also have a new nature, and memories of doing right.

So, if I then try speculate on possible interpretations, am I not more like Pharaohís magicians or Nebuchadnezzarís sorcerers & Chaldeans?

On what basis would I interpret, by my feelings? How fickle & unreliable are they?

If I say that I would base it on the scriptures, I have always been able to find some scriptures, that even in some vague way, help to justify what I want the dream to say.

Iíve learned how to be very adept at using the scriptures to help me ease my conscious, or convince myself to do or say what I had been desiring in my heart all along.

After all, before I was born again, my first father was he who actually used the scriptures against Jesus, in the wilderness, to try and tempt him.

Then when I was saved, my sins were washed away, but my old nature was not, it is still there, in addition to my new nature.


I, like many other Christians, when I want something, say, ďWell, I prayed about itĒ, or ďIím sure this is Godís willĒ.

When all along it was my will, and the LORD had not answered my prayer the way I wanted, so I used some fleece to convince myself to go ahead anyway.

So, considering how easily I can do that, and that the heart is deceitful above all things, how can I be absolutely 100% positive that Iím interpreting my dreams, in the Spirit?

The far greater likelihood is that Iím not getting the interpretation of my dream from the Holy Ghost, but rather that Iím doing it myself, convincing myself that it is the Spirit.


I do the same thing when I read prophecy related news articles on the internet.

I convince myself that my own thoughts & feelings are actually from the LORD, or even the Spirit himself.

Then Iím ďfreeĒ to come up with whatsoever my heart desires.

Then by keeping things pretty close to how I understand the scriptures, I no longer fear that Iím intruding into things which I ought not.


Romans 7:24 O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?