Gerlinda (28 June 2013)
"Reply to Patty to all Doves"

Hello Patty,
I need to thank you for the great reply.  Your last paragraph sounds almost like my own in which I had my eyes really opened the past 8 years.  The very first eye-opener was when I finally accepted what a fellow believer was trying to show me about the perpetration that took place at the Twin Towers.  There was no way, our wonderful country and born-again president could be part of that, no way is what I kept telling that person.  He would not give up on me and kept sending evidence galore via the computer and snail mail.  Four months later, that light bulb came on and it has never been the same since. 
What a blow to this naturalized citizen.  When, as a Junior,  I was chosen to go to Girl's State I needed to be a citizen so a special hearing was held and a judge from Minneapolis flew to my one of a kind hearing, just for me. I didn't even need to take the required test.   What a country!  Isn't that what that Russian comedian always says?  You said you were saved at the age of seven.  At the age of seven, you could say I became a born-again person, immigrating as a child with my mother from war-torn Germany.  Eager to learn the language and loving school, I used a chair as a desk and knelt in front of it constantly loving the learning process.  Within 4 months, I was able to start school speaking my new language.  What a country!   It wasn't until I was in High School that I opened the Bible for the first time in the library.  However, as a good Catholic, I soon left it alone since it made no sense.
But Patty, enough of all of that.  As an adult, I found myself in the Occult, not deep like most but enough for me to cry out to God, "What is the right way?"  Within a week, a friend gave me a book called, "There's a New World Coming" and my love for Biblical Prophecy began.   I also got gloriously saved that same week-end and received a Bible, which I spent all my spare time reading and reading.  Combined with my love of Geography and History, Israel became center stage.
I have to admit that most prophecy teaching didn't quite fit and made little sense until after I found out about those Fallen Ones who are very busy bringing about their New World Order.  I'm sure that for you it was much the same.  When we are told to put on the whole Armour of God, it now makes perfect sense  that Satan has his earthly minions who are completely dedicated to him and His plan to rule the whole world. Lying is an art form to them all.
I no longer attend a church after seeing it sidle up to the Ecumenical Movement.  Like you and many others, I have learned that the Sabbath is still the Sabbath.  And goodness,  what you don't learn when you study on your own.  Just like you, the man-made holidays were no longer kept in our home.  Yes, the rest of the family look at their parents like a couple of nuts that no longer know where they belong in the whole scheme of things and what a boring life they lead......NO HOLIDAYS?  Little do they seem to grasp just how full our simple life has become when all of the junk was removed.  It is all about the One Who Saved us and He alone. 
I thank you so much for your own letter that is an encouragement to me and for the great link you included, which I have included in another item I wrote for Doves to be posted.
A little background: I was saved at the age of seven. I have followed Jesus Christ all my life since then, and He has led me later in life (over the last 8 years) to study The Holy Bible and to follow the Ten Commandments, which includes the Seventh day Sabbath of sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. I also keep the Feasts of Yahweh, and have nothing to do with Christmas trees (see Jeremiah ch. 10), nor anything to do with pagan Easter. None of this is said in a proud way; it's just what the Lord has led me to do over the last 8 years. That...and watching!