Gerlinda (28 June 2013)
"Pyramids all over; not just in Egypt.....Thank you Patty RP"

Dear Patty & Doves,
Ezekiel 16
24 that you also built for yourself a shrine, and made a high place for yourself in every street. 25 You built your high places at the head of every road, and made your beauty to be abhorred. You offered yourself to everyone who passed by, and multiplied your acts of harlotry. 26 You also committed harlotry with the Egyptians, your very fleshly neighbors, and increased your acts of harlotry to provoke Me to anger.
The above words speak directly to Israel, whom Jahuah called out to be His Chosen people; yes Chosen for it is they whom the Torah and Commandments were given.   It is they whom He planned a genetically pure people through whom to send His Salvation.   He loves them so much...He did then and He continues to do so today and forever.  He gave them so much, even after all of their whoredom, He has His Plan.  You Gentiles who look down your eyes upon the Jews, hold on!  You would not even be able to call yourself a Spiritual Jew if there weren't first the earthly Jew.  Remember, there were always the Jewish remnant who  had it in their hearts to follow Yahuah to the best of their ability; one of which was  a humble young woman of the tribe of Judah, still a virgin whom said, "Let it be done unto me" thus was over-powered by the Holy Spirit.  This young girl, Mary, became the human mother through whom the Son of God was born.  She was never the mother of God as has been distorted by the Roman Empire who served other gods.  Yeshua was wholly man when He became human yet the blood on the Shroud and below the crucifixion site showed He had A/B negative, the rarest of blood with only 1/2 the human chromosomes and a single Y (for a male) from His Heavenly Father.   That is the miracle of God alone with the obedience of a God loving young girl whose own genetics were still pure, passed down through the tribe of Judah.   The son of Mary did His work and teaching through the power of God's Holy Spirit who was within Him right at the start.  When baptized, both The Holy Spirit and Father bore witness to the fact that He was His Son, in whom He was well pleased.
Yet, as the above words speak in Ezekiel 16 and through-out the Bible, Israel acted the harlot over and over again.  We all know about their history and how even after God became man, offered Himself on the tree as the perfect Lamb of God to redeem not only their souls but anyone, even the Gentile that would call upon Him, there were multitudes of Jews and Gentiles that believed upon him, despite the hatred of the clergy of the day that operated under the Sanhedrin Court of 72.   Yahusha butted heads with these hypocrites who thought themselves masters of the Torah yet had taken up the oral teachings and rituals of the Egyptian/Babylonians and what did He call them?  Names such as vipers, snakes, sons of Satan who called themselves Jews but were not; they were of the Synagogue of Satan.  I am not going to give scripture for all of this; most of you know them: I invite you to look them up yourself.
What is my point in going over this again?  Because we have a group of people who are so anti-Jew that their eyes focus only on the above scripture and their fingers point in shame at ALL JEWS as if God has given up on them.  Has He?   
Don't they know that there is a Remnant of Jews that will have their blinders removed so that they can finally see for themselves that Yeshua was their Messiah all the time? 
I, for one, happen to believe that the 144,000 out of the 12 tribes of Israel who are called "Virgin" is referring to their having not defiled themselves with the idolatry of other gods.   Just as the Zionist have defiled themselves spiritually, these 144,000 HAVE NOT.  
And then there are the ones who call themselves Zionist Christians who give no thought or do investigative work on what Zionism is all about.  Zionist are the ones who are included in Ezekiel's passage above.  These are the various Jews within the mostly Northern Tribes (Israel) who lifted up their skirts of whoredom to the pagan gods.  They mixed with the Gentiles as they migrated into Europe and other parts of the world through various Diaspora.   The so called Holy Roman Church begun by a Roman ruler Constantine pretending to become a Christian but never did,  as evidenced at his deathbed,  is full of these very same Zionist clergy who continue to carry on the traditions that took place by the Sanhedrin whom Yeshua haMashiac dealt with who had adopted the pagan rituals from Egypt/Babylon.  As a former Catholic, I didn't even know that the Eternal Flame that burned in the church represented the same Eternal Flame known as The Fire of Moloch, the same Moloch so often mentioned in the Bible. I thought it represented Jesus Christ but  was I ever wrong.  As has been pointed out, there are billions of souls lost who are under the false teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.  They are good people but goodness will not get one into the Kingdom of Heaven so speak to your Catholic friends and family if possible.  And on the other side of the coin are the Protestants who align themselves with all things called Zionist and have been hood-winked into giving donations to them.  The term "hood-winking" is a favorite word of the Free-Mason and the Bible gives a warning against those that wink.  It seems everything is covered in God's Holy Book.
Click into the link below and see what Zionism is not telling you yet flaunting in the world's face.  The Luciferian Kingdom various structures are seen all over the world; not just Israel.  Remember the recent One World Trade Center dedication at which Obama wrote in marker: "We remember," ''We rebuild" and "We come back stronger!"  Who is it that remembers their kingdom being destroyed at Babylon?  Who is it that is rebuilding to bring it all back.  Who is it that promises to come back stronger? 
When I was in Israel the three times, I noticed the constant building taking place, which is to be expected in a country still under construction.  Yes, I saw the Masonic emblems, the Obelisk (Osirius' penis) by a pool of water representing the Vagina of their goddess but I sure  didn't understand it at the time....not until 2005 did the learning process begin.  One thing that really shocked me was when I saw what has taken place at Holocaust Memorial since my last visit there as I reviewed the pictures in the enclosed link.  
I am so grateful to  Patty RP for sending on the link that gives visual proof of what the Illuminati Zionist continue to do in Israel, namely Jerusalem.  Thank you Patty, extremely good evidence.
Yes, while it is true Israel was rebuilt by the Zionist Movement; it was still Yahuah's timing. There is no arguing there since He controls all things.  Yes, Israel is mostly atheist, pagans, gay, secular in every way and all about money and merry making YET consider that it is part of God's plan to let it all come to this point so that He can deal with the Edomite nations around her that make up the United Nations under the leadership of the Zionist Jews, as they like to be known.  So many have now learned that they are the World Banksters. 
And if you still walk away from the evidence, ask yourself why it is that the Religious Jews who have come to Israel to settle the land are constantly being harassed, up-rooted, ruled against in court by their government (Zionist government)?
We are to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, not Zionism which controls it now but for the Jerusalem that will come only by the True Giver of Peace   Yeshua haMashiac. Psalm 122:6