Gerlinda (19 June 2013)
"The Zionist-Occult Connection ...This is imperative to Understand"

Dear Doves,
The Zionist-Occult Connection ...This is imperative to Understand. 
If Christians think they understand Zionism, it is safe to say; that they have not even touched the tip of the that Occult (hidden) Zionist Ice-Berg, which has incased those that took up the Occult ways over and over again despite Jehovah's warnings against it.  It was a huge lesson for me quite some time ago when that light bulb came on.  I love Israel; traveled there three times and as Jerry Golden points out, there are Masonic symbols all over the place; not just on the ground but the buildings themselves.  Why is that, I wondered then.  Soon, I found my answer.
After you listen to this wonderful lesson of who is whom, you will understand why Jews killed other Jews. Yes, they killed their fellow man....the latest which most of our generation is familiar......The European Concentration Camps of WWII. The worst is yet to come.
It is our duty as Born-Again Christians to understand with whom we align ourselves since scripture does tells us Jehovah God will  bless them (speaking to Abraham as he left with his family from his land Ur to travel to the Land of Canaan) and we, in return, may be blessed.  To do this, we need to learn true history. Check out the Bible; what it is telling us over and over again. Compare it with the very days that we now live. I guarantee you will be enlightened to the point of hitting your hand against your forehead. "Aha!" 
God forbid that we bless those who are of the Synagogue of Satan because God's Word also tells us that He will curse those who curse them.  Genesis 12:3
So, isn't it our job to determine who is whom?
I highly recommend this thorough lesson and thank Steven K for posting it.