Gail (28 June 2013)
"The closure of the Malacca Strait- it's here, and the scissors are out"

The Asian economies are export based, relying on the Strait of Malacca for commerce and their energy supplies from the Middle East and Africa.
I warned numerous times the closure was coming, although I pinned it on another Indian Ocean Tsunami.
Right now, it appears a deadly haze will cause an environmental/ecological disaster.
Dumai is epicentre of haze
The haze in Dumai is very bad, one driver noted that the skies look dirty, the air smells awful and even the sun looks sick, referring to the ochre-colored sun.
After twice scattering eight tons of salt for cloud-seeding, it rained only once for 30 minutes in Bukit Kapur district of Dumai.
Evacuation starts as Riau haze worsens
Over the past four days the air on Bengkalis Island mixed with dust from the forest fires, has restricted visibility considerably.
Due to limited visibility a greater number of accidents are more likely.
MALAYSIA PRESS-Ships told to slow down in Malacca Straits
The Marine Department on Tuesday issued a navigational warning to companies of shipping vessels traveling through the Straits of Malacca because of the current haze situation.
The Director-general Ahmad Othman said that he issued a warning to all vessels navigating the straits, to be extra cautious and observe their speed while passing through. 
77% of China’s total oil imports are currently brought in via this shipping lane.
And where is Dumai?
And remember I warned of the importance of the oil/gas pipelines that China had spent so much money on in order to reduce it's reliance on the Malacca Strait-
The Myanmar-China Oil and Gas Pipeline in 2013- This pipeline will create two parallel oil and gas pipelines that stretch from Myanmar's ports in the Bay of Bengal to the Yunnan province of China.
Burma gas pipeline complete but cites China delays
A pipeline connecting western Burma to China is ready to carry gas in July, but it won’t be fully operational for yet another three more months due to construction delays in China.
The pipeline construction inside Myanmar is 100 per cent finished, but the China portion that is over 1,600 km long, has yet to be finished.
He warned he would cut those who burdened themselves with Jerusalem to pieces, and now the scissors are out.
China's Lehman Moment?
Investors around the world are wondering if China is having its own Lehman Brothers moment that no one wants.
China's Financial Panic
The strongest warning on China, comes from Charlene Chu, the chief analyst in Beijing for Fitch Ratings, who said the nation risks a Japanese-style deflation.
The dragon has landed
And not as soft as investors would have liked. 
I've stated what the line-up is -Deflation 1st, then Lawlessness breaking out 2nd, and then the New Currency 3rd.
Think the drama dies down?
PM Netanyahu faces off with the Bank of China in July 2013, over them funneling terrorism money.
And yeah, the deflation will lead to the greatest depression yet.
birth pains - Do you feel the labor?
God Bless,