Diane Gilbert (28 June 2013)
"Mike C. re the Beast at the Brandenburg Gate"


Mike C., Iím confused about something you wrote about how the POTUS threatened Chief Justice John Roberts to cave in to his illegal Obamacare.  (I wondered why that happened!)  Here is what I donít understand.  You wrote:

   Of course, the Beast wasn't merely content to humiliate CJSCOTUS publicly, he timed the application of his powerful threat to the CJ just as the SCOTUS was about to strike down the un-Constitutional and fascist Obamacare legislation. It was the loving cuckold father John Robert's that inexplicably changed his decisive 'NO' vote in the 11th hour to make Obama's tyrannical legislation the law of the land. Indeed,Ö

A cuckold is a man whose wife has committed adultery.  I donít get the connection.

Indeed, who can make war against the Beast?