David H (28 June 2013)
"Jim Bramlett: Old and new Covenent."

Thank you for the information you wrote. I have had my share of encounters with those who I consider to be a cult, that preach that we must all become Hebrews, and under the Law, Dietary and all. I had never thought of the Melchizedek comments in Hebrews, though I had used Hebrews to debate with them.
I want to say, before I post the following, that I am not opposed to researching, and learning about Hebrew culture. Understanding the Law and the feasts are essential to a deeper and more fulfilling understanding of our Savior, who fulfilled those Laws, and feasts.
There are many good Christian sources out there with information on this Hebrew culture, and there are also some that have an un-Christian Agenda. The following Articles will give any Christian who is about to study these things a sense of what to watch out for. This is meat, and not milk. I hope The readers have the stomach to digest it. (I know you do Jim).
The first link is a broad overview, while the second is a goes into much more detail and is much longer...two parts.
Know this, that I love Israel, the people, and share in the sentiments of Paul in awaiting for their redemption as predicted by the OT prophets. I have contended with many an anti-Semite in my day, and am not an anti-Semite. These May be some hard articles to digest for those of you who are "into" this movement. I am not trying to offend, only to inform.
 I am of the opinion, that this will be the nature of the "falling away", and they may even back this up with false signs and wonders including the supposed Ark of the Covenant coming to "life" as an "image" of the beast. (I know this has been a point of contention so if the moderator sees the need, you may cut this last paragraph)
God Bless
David H.