Charles Holler (15 June 2013)
"Kleck, Haggman, Quayle, Glenn Beck"

Greetings John and Doves,
Great episode on Johnny Kleck,
A must listen to as The Lord gives Johnny a message (" the end is here"), He reports on a Q Alert (link below) from Steve Quayle's web site on Doug Hagmann being detained today by our government after his show last night had Larry Sinclair ( the man who testified about Obama's homosexual act) on it starting? the persecution of the saints....he was just driving when black SUV's surrounded him and took him to detention center ( not a police station) for questioning......also Glenn Beck announces today that " within 10 days no one will recognize America again" and Dr Curtis says next Wednesday that Obama will do something so extraordinary next week from Berlin that the mask is coming off and all Christians will know he is the beast and the non-Christians will begin to wonder after him and worship him.... ( he says it could be anything from calling down fire or introducing us to UFO's or giving us clean and cheap unlimited energy, not sure but something monumental) also a must read on Steven K's web site...
May Jesus watch over us and it's time to draw closer than ever to Him. 
Charles Holler Sr