VR2 (30 June 2012)
"Re F.M.Riley "Connecting The Dots""

Thank you so much Pastor Riley for your in-depth, treasure trove of scripture deciphering!  Wow!  This is one of the most revealing posts I have ever read.  

Here is the link. F.M. Riley (27 June 2012) 
"Connecting the Dots"

 I would urge you dear doves to read it more than once...it is rich with information.  I discovered more upon reading a second time.  It is long, but worth the time to discover all the nuggets that have been uncovered for us to glean from.  I giggled when Pastor Riley inserts a couple times, "No I'm not done yet."  I am so glad he took the time to give us all the rich text, scripture and information for us to feast our eyes on.

Also very exciting, from another author, Mark Alexander in his book "The Mystery Unlocked" which  is a free download and brought to our attention recently here, is his very exciting story of the rapture to happen during this SAME TIME.

I am so excited!  The time of our seeing our awesome Savior is so close!  Reminds me of...I was reading this morning some of the comments on a YouTube video...one person described the feeling anticipating the rapture, as the feeling before a "first date"....that made me smile and think, yes, it will be the bride's first date as far as seeing our groom finally face to face.  Puts a whole new meaning to "Love at First Sight!"  We have loved Yeshua ever since Holy Spirit tugged on our heart strings, and and introduced us to the Son of God, and we've had a faithful, loving courtship.  Soon the Marriage Supper Of The Lamb!!!  Oh, Hallelujah!!! 

God's blessings on all of you dear doves,