Steve Coerper (30 June 2012)
""Defiance in the Apple""
Dear John and Doves -
I should have sent this link in sooner; my apologies. 
Our friend, fellow-watcher and prayer-warrior Daniel Eggers has posted some remarkable insights in the link above.  This is consistent with the prophetic insights in "The Harbinger" and reinforces the idea that we are now at the end of the "warning" phase.  He has clearly tied together events in the current administration in a way we might not expect.
We now have powerful pointers to virtually every day between now and Tisha b'Av.  That's a 28-day window that will shrink rapidly.  The work of the ambassadors for Christ is just about finished.  Some of us may be frustrated that there have been so many dates that have come and gone, but let's not lose our focus.  This is not about our safety or comfort; it's about the revelation of Jesus Christ.  Many will soon discover that "gentle Jesus, meek and mild" has a fierce side, and you don't want to meet Him if you are still in your sins.
I don't think it's gonna be another 28 days, my friends.
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