Randy (19 June 2012)
"MONDAY June 18, 2012 ----What will happen to the World markets, after theGreek vote,"

Will life go on as normal?
Will there be a Lehman Style "critical moment?" 
Will everyone just "kick the can down the road?"
Will the dominos get closer to the tipping point? 
Will the dominos start to FALL?
Everyone is looking at the Greek Vote......for a clue of what is to come.
PS......I don't know what Monday will bring....but the next 3 months should be interesting!
TOP THINGS GOING on this summer:
1) EU Fiancial Brinksmanship
2) IRAN -   the final final chance before Israel and the US attack
     Will Iran grow tired of the new sanctions - will they be the first to attack?? 
3) Syria -  will this be the spark in the Middle east?
4) the US debt and spending......will anything be fixed before the election?  (NO!)