Patricia S (30 June 2012)
"Re Anonymous (28 June 2012)"

I am a Natural Health Scientist.  This is what I have used and suggest.
1.  MSM a natural sulfur - make sure it has no additives
1/2 a teaspoon in 1/3 glass of water - take for 3 days
then increase to 3/4 teaspoon in water       "
then increase to 1         "          Stay on for 1 week
then decrease to 1/2     "  stay on for 1 week
2.  Organic Basil oil, Organic Thyme oil, Organic Hyssop Oil - this is very, very important
To be placed both sides of the spine, right up to the spine but not directly on -
Organic, Basil, Thyme and Hyssop oils.  These are very strong antiviral oils
First put Organic carrier oil on the back, then one by one, from the tail bone up to the head drop 6 drops of each oil one at a time
Massage in little circles up to the spine with each oil
Also massage into the inside sides of the feet the same oils.
Do the above just once, then after that for one - two weeks use the Basil oil only on the inside sides of the feet.
Patricia S.
Anonymous (28 June 2012)

Doves, my daughter age 22 has the hpv virus and now has contracted the genital herpes virus. Do any of you know of any treatment protocols that can help?
And please pray for her.
God bless you all.