Patricia S (30 June 2012)
"Pentacost July 15 2012"

Waiting for Pentacost, beginning of the church and the time of Grace.

There are two lots of 50 days written about in Leviticus 23, they are NOT talking about the same thing, this is why one is stated in weeks and the other days, read it all, they are very different.

The second lot totally lines up with Moses at Mt Sinai receiving the law and the 40 days on the mountain ending with God slaying 3,000 for worshiping the Golden Calf right on the end of the second lot of 50 days which happens this year on July 15 Pentacost and 3,000 being saved.

God has placed a lot of information through the Bible, information that lines up the Old with the New Testament.

End of the Law - beginning of Grace - Moses and Pentacost.  Its no accident that these dates line up but the church has been in the wilderness about the true date of Pentacost.


Patricia S.