Obadiah (19 June 2012)
"A Great Whirlwind - Dream"

Greetings to everyone!
   I wanted to take a minute to share a dream that I was given a few nights ago that I believe may be significant to someone other than myself.  I feel fairly strongly about the message of the dream, but I'm open to hearing your two cents if you feel so inclined to share.
   In the dream, I found myself in the basement of a large estate home.  The huge apartment style room was cluttered with trash and food, beer bottles and cans, and other various evidences of what appeared to be the aftermath some sort of 'Animal House' style bash.  When I walk around the room, there are young men who appear to be college aged or slightly older.  Everyone is watching the TV intently as they sat around the pig sty of a room.  When I look around, I begin to get stressed out thinking about how much work will need to be done to clean up all the fith and garbage and I start trying to rally the troops to pitch in and get the job done.  Eventually the guys got up in a sluggish manner and started picking stuff up.  I went through the side yard door and walked around to the front of the home and took a deep breath of air, which immediately calmed me down.  There was a large shade tree in the rolling grasses that I sat down underneath for a minute, and I laid back on my side staring over the pitch of the roof to see the overgrown tree line that peeked over the top of the home.  There was some sort of a river running behind the home as I could hear the water moving in the distance, and I remember feeling so at peace.  Everything was green and lush, and the breeze was slight with just enough warmth from the sunlight to keep a person cozy in the cool afternoon air.  The clouds and the sky in particular were washed in watercolors and seemed like they had been hand painted with blues and purples.  It looked like something out of a children's book.  As I lay about the yard relaxing, there suddenly began a rushing wind that I could see upend some large pillow like clouds off in the distance.  The fluid motion of the wind began to create a tremendous whirlwind in the clouds beyond the tree line and started to generate a wayward spinning motion within the clouds like a child's top would do as it lost momentum.  As the mighty wind persisted, the wobbling motion of the top-like clouds began to steady and increase with speed until it appeared as a tornadic funnel.  The sound of the wind was deafening and all-encompassing.  The detail about the whirlwind that i remember taking note of was that unlike a tornado that we may see on the weather channel footage, this wind was not gathering debris and dirt in it, so the fluffy white of the cloud remained pure.  In fact, there seemed to be a light blue electric energy radiating from within the cloud that shined from inside it.  The white and blue whirlwind swooped and dragged back and forth across the land as it meandered towards the home and ultimately towards me.  I stood in awe, looking straignt overhead, yet I was frightened in a way that did not induce terror, but rather a captivating paralysis. The funnel cropped itself over my head and as I looked up, the white light I noticed from inside it and above, was so bright that there isn't a color that could define its intensity. I heard a strong commanding voice from within the deafening rushing silence of the eye of the wind, that called out like a surgeon calls for an instrument; "the breath of life".  As the words rang in my ears, I could feel my breath and my spirit being lifted up out of my mouth and nostrils and rocketing upward.  As this happened, my perspective, like a camera angle followed my breath and observed my body below as I shot up into the eye of the wind.  As was vaulted skyward, I yelled in my dream, and also in actuality woke myself up into my bedroom, crying ' Lord Jesus!'  I sat up in my bed with my eyes still closed, knowing it was only a dream but refusing to open my eyes to accept it.
This dream was a response from the Lord to me after a few hard days of prayer and repentance that left me feeling both in fear and at peace at the same time, as well as intimately close with Dad.  It was like I had been hugged and still felt the warm tingles as I sat there.  Maybe this is how Elijah experienced things from the mouth of the cave at Sinai as the Spirit's back passed in fron tof him.. I dont know.  For what it's worth, I wanted to share it, as I felt lead to, and in hopes that it may help complete another small but integral part of the "puzzle" that all of us kids seem to be working so hard at completing.
Lots of love to you all - God bless and keep us all in these days ahead.