Nando (19 June 2012)
"Reply to Mathman on Readers Digest"


une 15, 2012 Reply to Mathman on Readers Digest

Mathman your article expresses doubt about Readers Digest Magazine warning about a NWO, and it brought to my mind another article written by Mr. John Tng linked below (a must read artice).
Yes they are in the loop of end time issues of the NWO elite.
MathMan (14 June 2012)
Readers Digest:  “Whales are people too; get ready for a New World Order”

Dear Doves,
This is interesting timing.  The following article is from the latest edition of Readers Digest (July 2012):
I believe the title says it all:

Why Whales Are People Too

The science proves it, but are humans ready to see them as equals? Get ready for a new world order.
Naturally, the article, while lengthy and somewhat interesting in places, concludes with something that is NOT interesting.
That Whales, and many of nature’s creatures, have equality with humans.  This secular humanist message is so common as to be laughable.  However, it is starting to be believed by so many lost people now and is in such DIRECT contradiction with Scripture, it was worth noting (in specific, Genesis explains that man shall have dominion over ALL the other creatures on earth).
Yes, this is just another example of humans trying to explain to God why He is wrong and why we know better than Him.  Sadly, they will certainly be in for a HUGE surprise in the very near future when God “rudely reintroduces Himself” and shows them who is TRULY in control of His Creation.
I find that it was ALSO EXTREMELY interesting that even the Readers Digest is now warning people to…
Even though in a off-the-wall kind of way.  Seriously, who would have ever thought the Readers Digest would warn us to get ready for the upcoming New World Order.  Truth is stranger than fiction.
MARANATHA!!  Surely our redemption draws EXTREMELY near!!
YbiC, MathMan