Mike Curtiss (28 June 2012)
"Hussein Remains Loyal to Holder, it's the Worst Possible Outcome"


Dear Doves,

        I have written about BHO's Regime and the 'special' relationship maintained between the President and his principle legal ally; the Attorney General of the
United States Eric Holder. We must understand that AJ Holder's empire controls every branch of domestic law enforcement. All agencies from the FBI, the DOJ, the penal system, Homeland Security; just name it. They all serve Eric Holder's pleasure. Very few people understand that by standing by his AJOTUS, Hussein's already made up his mind to once again defy both the citizen's of this country, our Congress and even the Supreme Court SCOTUS.
        He's already made an appalling mockery of the Constitution of the USA by failing to release documents, which will show his true citizenship status and eligibility to hold the Office of the President. There is cocoon where all totalitarian dictators exist, a complete moral vacuum where 'might makes right' and winning justifies any means necessary. Read BHO's version of Hitler's infamous Mien Kampft, or My Struggle, which spelled out in detail exactly what an extremely warped Left-winger, Adolph Hitler would do to Germany and all the World. Hussein's book also exposes the utter ruthlessness he's willing to employ to protect his revolution and the Dictatorship he's already built over the last 3.5 years. In Alinsky's Rules for Radicals and the ghost written Dreams of My Father Hussein spells it out clearly, I hate the United States. I will destroy it and leave nothing special behind.
        Retention of Holder guarantees that the Regime in office plans to remain in that exalted position by any means necessary. This includes the most corrupt, stolen and fraudulent Presidential Election ever witnessed coming this November. However, I seriously doubt that an election will be held if it appears that Hussein might not be able to win re-election. If we admit the truth about how widespread vote fraud is within the Democrat Party, we must be ready to expect that 10% of all votes cast are fraudulent. So, the blind panic we've have been witnessing in the daily activities of the Democrat's and the Regime is proof positive that their internal re-election polls are devastating. We may very well be witnessing the fall of this great Republic.

        Of course Fast & Furious, was a false flag operation instituted to discredit American gun dealers in Arizona. Dead people were just expected collateral damage so they could gin up a crack down on legitimate American gun owners and dealers. That’s what is hidden in the documents Issa wants! Tougher gun laws were the intermediate goal. Disarming the American populace was a step to the ultimate goal of takeover of America by international socialism.
        It is vital to realize that such a scheme would never work unless American lives were *sacrificed*.Unlike the Columbus, NM massacre by Poncho Villa, that was enough to stimulate Americans to demand the invasion of Mexico to catch or kill Villa, Obama would never do *that*, because his objective was not for the Mexicans to be the bad guys, but for American gun sellers to be blamed for the death of Americans.
        The scary part is to realize that the death of Brian Terry would not have been enough for this goal. So the intention of Obama and Holder was to *kill* even more Americans! Obama and Holder wanted to *murder* Americans for their agenda! If that degree of ruthlessness doesn’t get to you, I don’t know what would.
And if they are willing to kill Americans for that reason, what other “agenda items” are they serious enough about to *murder* Americans? Let's keep our eyes upon the truth.

                                                                          Pray Please for Our Country and her Citizen's,

                                                                                                                              Mike Curtiss