Michelle S (19 June 2012)
"Wedding Dream"


On Friday (the 15th, in the a.m.,) I had a prophetic dream I believe the Lord would have me share with you. Let me also add that over the past few years... I would say 3 or 4 years, He has repeatedly given me 'Wedding' dreams. Everyone has their own relationship with God and their own ways He communicates to them...and with me, the Wedding Dreams have always signified the state of His Bride overall. He then leads me to intercede for His Bride regarding whatever He's showing me.

So yes, just so happens that this dream is a Wedding Dream. I will follow the dream with the interpretation the Lord gave me after bringing it before Him. 

I was in my childhood family home in New York, in my bedroom laying around kind of wearily dazed, but not asleep. I looked up towards a window in my room and saw a woman (I know now in my present life,) walking by with a harsh look on her face. As she walked by she looked down at me through the window and scoffing said in her thoughts (yes in my dreams I can read people's minds, can't you :)) "She'll never make it." Just as she thought it, I jumped up and hurriedly began preparing for my Wedding! IT WAS MY WEDDING DAY and somehow I had allowed myself to be lulled into such a state that I wasn't even aware that my wedding was just minutes away. I looked up at the clock and saw that the time was 5:15 pm. I remembered thinking I was supposed to have left for the church 15 minutes ago at 5:00 p.m. for my 6 pm wedding .... I was frantic.  I screamed for my younger brother to quickly come and help me get ready.

He immediately came to my side and helped me up and over to where the dress was stored and we pulled it out of it's plastic covering together and he hung it high to inspect it as we wanted to make sure it was perfect and ready to just put on. It was a beautiful wedding dress...but I noticed after He hung it up, that there were 3 long wrinkles going from the left side of the dress down toward the hem on the right side. I got a blow dryer and put it on full force and said to my brother..."Hurry, get the wrinkles out with this. We don't have any time to spare! If we hurry now, we can still make it in time!"  He immediately began blow-drying the wrinkles out and I hurried around getting everything else I needed so we could begin our travel to the church. I would get ready there. I woke up.

The Lord told me this dream was for me...but also for the waiting Bride of Christ at large. In the dream, I represented the Lord's Bride. My brother who in real life recently rededicated his life to the Lord after many, many years, represented the Helper, the Holy Spirit; the blow-dryer was as the blood of Jesus doing away with all sin, stain, wrinkles, etc..The lady at the window represented scoffers to the Bride of Christ in this season, lying, telling her she would not make it to the wedding in time. The wrinkles of course, represented what the Bride had allowed to creep up on her and back into her life during her wearily dazed wait for the Lord -- basically sin. 

After I had this dream, I prayed concerning what the Lord was saying overall. He revealed to me that His Bride should NOW arise from her slumber, sleep and daydreams, and REPENT for allowing various 'wrinkles' to creep back into her life because there is now, NO TIME LEFT. Soon the wedding will begin. For each of us, these wrinkles represent something different but whatever they are.. they must go! The Lord is coming for a Bride without spot, wrinkle or blemish or any kind of thing and we can't afford to daydream our way to the tribulation. We need to be aware. After I repented of my 'wrinkles'...I heard the Lord say...STAY ALERT!  One final thought...some of you have left church altogether and haven't been attending anywhere. The Lord is saying get back to church! It will help you finish getting ready. (Heb. 10:25)

The Numbers...
The Bible meaning for the number 515 is intercessory prayer. -- Spiritually, this is the current time...time to be praying for ourselves, our family, our friends and Israel. Israel's time of 'trouble' is close. ...And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him. - James 5:15  ...I EXHORT therefore, that first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men. - 1 Tim. 2:1

The Bible meaning for the number 6 means the number of man. --Spiritually, this will be the time very, very shortly...time for the tribulation when the man ANTICHRIST, and the mark of the beast will come into play. Revelation 13:18...Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. (Remember the Lord saves His Bride from this soon coming great tribulation...she goes away to a wedding! Rev. 3:10) 

The Bible meaning for the number 5 is Grace. -- Spiritually, the church is "15 minutes" in overtime where Grace/The Church Age is concerned. ...If you've been slack concerning your state of readiness. Shake it off! Jesus is Coming! In the time we have left, YOU MUST REMAIN ALERT! We're in the home stretch... Praise God!...Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober. ( 1Thess. 5:6 

In Prayer for you all. Please prayer for me,
Michelle S.


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