Michael Colunga (19 June 2012)
"What are the four horthmen?"

Hello, y'all,
Let me engender a definition of horth:  an animal that runs forward in space, and backwards in time.
Therefore, the horth, to the observer within the horth-drawn chariot, appears to be running backwards.  Thus, it can be demonstrated that both horth and chariot rider are trundling aft through time.
A time chariot drawn by four horths (no "e" in the plural--it's MY word, after all) is capable of all kinds of temporal mayhem.
However, the untrained charioteer is likely to undergo universal disjoint as well.  The horths don't like to run in any direction, being physically blind as bats in a belfry.
And yet, they are psychically astute, though in mostly after a horizontal fashion, vis-à-vis the multiverse matrix.  Thus, an inexperienced charioteer is as likely as not to land in a space, place, and time that has no donuts, yet rains these donut-like things.  But that's all about Time and Punishment.
Anyone who does not now accept Jesus Christ as both LORD and Savior will see that "the four horthmen" will be the least of their nightmares come true.  [see Revelation 16:10-11 NIV]
Believe and live!  [John 3:16 and 17]
Baruch HaShem Adonai Roi,
Mike C.