Mary Anna (30 June 2012)
"Rene (28 June 2012)  "One Evil Human - The Puppet Master Behind B.O.""


   Thanks Rene for that great article on George every word!  I've been mindful of him for some time now but this is the first I've read an in-depth article on him.  The title "One Evil Human" could not fit him more perfectly.  It seemed in reading that Soros goes beyond the human nature being so oblivious to the pain and outright savagery he has caused and continues to cause with his ultra billion trillions for which he couldn't buy a micro-speck in heaven.   A human being has a heart and compassion.   None of those attributes seems to be part of him, if anything he could care less so long as his evil desires and accomplishments are achieved.

   I don't know Rene, it seems this world is head straight down that path of death and destruction Soros has designed and with the help of Obama and others who are looking to Soros as some sort of a god, I am more fervently than ever looking for our Lord Jesus Christ to come and take us to our Glorious Heavenly Home and I can hardly wait!

   We'll soon be on our way up to where we belong with our Father God and His Son, our Savior Jesus Christ!   See you and the rest of our Beautiful Dove Family then, perhaps in the very, very near future!   Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow!       Amen.
Mary Anna