Mari (30 June 2012)


Last night 6-28-12 i asked God to reveal to me the month of the rapture.Before bed time i prayed as well.I started having thoughts about month 7 (july) and how nr 7 is so important to God. There are 7 days in a week, 7eyes of God,7vials,7trumpets,7seals,7 famine years(old testament),7 days of waiting for Noah before going in the ark and before the starting of the rain(warning ),etc....Seven is God's number.Then i woke up in the morning and i asked for confirmation.Same morning i watched a youtube video of Isaiah2620 and i was the 77 th viewer at 10:10 am(morning)!I told myself and God that it must be a coincidence and i need more confirmations.Later i stopped asking Him knowing that He will if He wants.Later i go to 5Doves june 28 letters((june 29 there were no letters)and read here and there...and then i see"THE MYSTERY UNLOCKED" that Susan Waigwa wrote.I open it up and read.No dates in there so i track it down to Esther's letter from a few days back so i see JULY 24 2012.That sounded interesting since  i prayed for a JULY confirmation that day.What about the nr 24 though?Thinking about all this i  accidentaly /unintentionaly looked at the time below on the tablet.It was 1:24.I saw what you would not normally see.I saw a 12, i saw a 24 and a 7 (1+2+4)!That's JULY 24 2012.Trying to write all this down i had to double check the 7 day warning for Noah before he went into the ark and it started raining.So i went to GENESIS Noah story and guess what i find!The story in in the 7th chapter of Genesis and has 24 bible verses.Genesis 7:1-24!Could it be that God will give 7 months ( and 24 days) this year untill the tribulation starts?
Could it be that is more than just a coincidence or a few of them? I'm not rushing to conclusions since i've had coincidences before and i took them as a sign.Wouldn't be nice if this is it!
I didn't read the book yet but i will.
May God bless you all