Mari (30 June 2012)
"To VR2 and Doves"


Thank you so much!Yes that's the one!
I asked the Lord to give me a dream about how soon is the rapture,how close are we and to wake me up afterwards.That was last night.He was good and gave me one.Shortly is like this:
There were two sisters that were to get married today, in the same day.They both had wedding dresses.The first one went with her bridegroom,got married and was done.The second one was gonna get married next;took her bridegroom and was going to get off the door and suddanly it started raining very hard.She didn't know what to do (wasn't happy).She asked for help from her sister who was there.She said she can't because she is going to have her honeymoon.The ceiling was soaked with water almost falling off.They couldn't fix it.They climbed up and were ableto see far away through the roof(ceilind was almost detached).They saw a man fighting an ailien(wrong spell probably).He learned that if he uses the name of Jesus he can defeat him.So he kept saying over and over unendingly:"The blood of Jesus rebuke you!"and was hammering him(the ailien)down with the hammer until he died.The bride,watching all this,said:"i guess we can get married now,he's dead".I think the rain stopped in the meantime.A realisation came over her and said :If this one made his way here(on earth) then there are probably more.She decided she can't get out.
I woke up after the dream.
The feeling i got is that the event of the rapture is going to be taken care very shortly and fast;the left behind bride is facing the tribulation very soon.The first bride was out of the picture from the beginning of the dream.The whole dream was almost all  about the tribulation of the left behind bride.
Blessings,    Mari