Jean Stepnoski (5 June 2012)

Dear Doves,
      Of the days remaining in the current Scriptural month of Sivan, there is one day which stands out in importance as a day of two great anniversaries in Scriptural (Jewish) history. This day in 2012 will be Sivan 17, from sunset Wednesday 6-6 to sunset on Thursday 6-7. It will be also the anniversary 45 of the ending of the six day war in 1967. Why is Sivan 17 so important for TWO COVENANTS?
      The earlier one concerns the Noah Covenant. Sivan 17 was the day that the Noah family left the ark to begin their new lives. Noah took one of the clean animals from the ark and offered it in a sacrifice in fire to the Lord. A COVENANT was made this day between Noah and YHVH, promising that the world would never be destroyed again by a global flood. What is the sign of this forever Covenant? It is the sign of the rainbow. When we think of the days and times of Noah we tend to think of the building of the ark and when the rains came, then flood, then death and destruction. The LEAVING of the ark of life, provision, safety, hope, and future on Sivan 17 was also very important.The Noah line is the family line which was preserved and led to Moses, Aaron, and all Gentiles and Jews combined. The Noah story leads to us, it is our family story.
      It is more obscure to see why Sivan 17 was  ALL important in the days and times of Moses and Aaron and the tribes of the House of Israel. The people who had left Egypt, mostly Hebrews, but with some others not from the 12 tribes, arrived at the foot of Mt. Sinai two months after they left Egypt. They began to leave by daylight hours of Nisan 14, after the night of death yet experiencing their PASSOVER, death passed over them. The firstborn of Egypt died, the golden jewelry was given (plundered) and they left the land of slavery which had given such bitter bondage, no longer slaves, but free people! We are told they arrived at the base of Mt Sinai two months after they left. Three days later, after two days of preparation, was the wedding ceremony and the consummation of the marriage on Sivan 17. The events of Sivan 17 began the wedding and marriage COVENANT of YHVH and the House of Israel. On Sivan 17 began THE AGE OF LAW.
      Since the great Pentecostal outpouring and indwelling of The Spirit of Truth on Shavuot (Pentecost) ten days after the Ascension  of Messiah/ Christ, the world and humankind has been in THE AGE OF GRACE. Jack Kelly notes something very significant about the Age of Grace. It began an interruption of The Age of Law! It suspended the COVENANT made with Moses and the House of Israel! With the Rapture on THE DAY of The Blessed Hope, the 7 years or shavua of The 70th Week of Daniel must soon resume THE AGE OF LAW until completion of the 70 Weeks. See "The 70 Weeks of Daniel" by Jack Kelly at http://www.grace thru for more details of his amazing 5 page study. Also invaluable is the book entitled Covenants by Todd D. Bennett, part of his Walk in the Light series. This is available through or torah ISBN is 0-9768659-7-1. His chapter 3 is about the Noah Covenant and Chapter 6 about the YHVH and House of Israel Covenant. Todd D. Bennett notes that each Scriptural Covenant has a theme of marriage.
      Soon will be the great COVENANT ANNIVERSARY DAY of two great Scriptural Covenants on Sivan 17 this week. Will it be the time for the bridegroom to LEAVE Heaven and arrive and spirit away the bride of The Age of Grace, His Bride of the Ages, and then begin the final shavua (7 years) of THE AGE OF LAW? Will it be our time for the departure (the Apostacia), to LEAVE this world and close the door on THE AGE OF GRACE? Will it soon be the time for the consummation of our eternal marriage? We shall see. Come quickly beloved groom!
With Love and Shalom,