Jacquel Neff (30 June 2012)
"2 mysterious dreams with BIG implications!"

Dear doves, 

I really have to share this with you, because I am certain that there are some doves who could help me with this. There is no doubt in my mind; this was from the Lord! I feel that this is quite possibly very important information as to the AC and New world Order. 

I'll start with the first dream, the night before last, I had a quick but powerful dream that started with me being told (unknown narrator) that Prince William for some reason would be responsible for the deaths of many hundreds of thousands of people, and then was told how HE was ordering these deaths. Next, I then I heard, "Prince William Kills" like this was his first- middle and last name. After hearing this, I thought, "why did he change his name to that?" I woke up immediately, and thought, how odd that I would dream this, seeing I've always viewed him as a charming, handsome, and likable young man. I've even commented to family members, that my youngest son even looks like him! Anyway, I had not read anything negative about him, regarding him and his family, or heard anything that would bring on a dream of this nature. I felt it had significance because of the clarity of details. So last night, during my evening prayer time, I asked the Lord to confirm that this dream had importance, and if so, speak to me in my sleep. Well, this is what happened: I had another short but strange dream. I saw a flag being raised on a flagpole, and this flag had an emblem on it, kind of like a coat of arms, (I would recognize it if i saw it I think,) but I had the strong impression that it was English (Europe) in nature. Underneath the emblem, were two Knights facing each other, one the mirror image of the other. Then I heard the words spoken: KNIGHTS OF TEMPLAR. I had NO idea who that was, and had no preconceived idea about what it represented! It woke me up immediately, and I felt I needed to write it down, so I wouldn't forget. I looked at my alarm clock, AND IT SAID 1:11!! This was my confirmation that it was from the Lord. Ok, now I will share that BEFORE I had heard of anyone else seeing 1:11 or 11:11, the Lord has been using these numbers to confirm things to me. When I started reading that others have been seeing them too, I KNEW that the Lord was using numbers to show us things. Anyway, I've only been a watcher for a little over a year, so I'm kind of a "newbie", and the numbers thing that many of you have been blessed with, fascinates me.

After noticing the time, and writing down the details, I fell back to sleep. When I woke up at 3:45 am, I went to have my morning devotions, and I asked the Lord if this dream was related to the first one (I felt strongly that it was) and if so, allow me to understand what it means. Later, I went online and typed in these words in the search bar: Knights Templar- Prince William- and flags. I clicked on a website called, www.grailcode.net. (wish I knew how to link it), I scrolled down, AND THERE WAS THE EMBLEM!!! I'm certain that the Lord led me here! NOW, what I read here, blew me away! It described the history, and twisted evil connection that the royal family has with Knights Templar and the New World Order, AND the AC! I have been as thoroughly convinced as most of you, as to who the AC is with all of the overwhelming evidence and all. But THIS just added a whole new perspective to things! Someone PLEASE help me out, this was obviously given to me for a reason! I'm looking forward to your comments on this. 
In Jesus Mighty Love,
 Jacquel Neff