Gary Newman (19 June 2012)
"London Nuke?"

Hi Doves:

Mark Alexander may well be correct as to the Rapture date being
24th July mentioned in his book " The Mystery Unlocked"!

There were 6 episodes of a program called "Spooks Code 9".
The program was about a group of M15 (i think) investigators
in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion in London one year on,
in 2013.

In the program the nuclear blast occurred on the 27 July 2012
which is the 9th AV; the day the Olympic torch is to be lit.

Take a look at the screen-cast link;

The program did not mention the Olympic games at all, I reckon
that would have made it to obvious.
I suspect that London will be only one casualty of a worldwide
destruction and will be announcing the "Day of the Lord".

We are all pretty well aware the serpent seed report their
plans through film media, and the sleeping people consider
such things as purely fiction, if you try to tell them
you're a conspiracy nut!

However something worth considering is that a film which
came out in 1999 showed a plane diving into the twin towers
and taking them down - which proved true.

Another program was a documentary about a fictional terrorist
attack in London, the documentary was by a highly respected
and long standing UK documentary program called "Panorama".
The fictional documentary described a scenario of 3 undergound
(tube or subway) explosions and an above ground explosion.
The London bombings on 7 7 2007 aka 777 played out exactly
as per the script.


Jesus said; "I will come again and recieve you to myself"