Frank R Molver (30 June 2012)
"Time line, sudden impact, prophetic sketches"

From Nicole in Hong Kong again
Appears to be an asteroid hitting North America in same spot as before
The next one could be moons indicating months until rapture
Then perhaps praising God after a judgement, then rapture
Then the narrow path, steep but guided by the Shepperd.
26 June 2012/
I prayed for the rapture,God showed a wide screen showing a object hitting North America where appeared a huge cross light with rainbow.The impact caused tremendous waves on the earth.
26 June 2012/
I still prayed for the same, God show a timeline looked like a roll of film with images of balls tied up moving round,three spaceships swept across in the sky.
27 June 2012/
I prayed for Jesus' soon return,God showed the twelve figures surrounded a burning hill and worshiped it,the smoke was rising up with seven stars winding.
6 June 2012/
I still prayed for the scriptures 1Thessalonians 5 we just had studied.God showed a shepherd leading two sheeps going through a narrow road on a cliff to a wide place where had water and pasture.